Eating human food?

For our precious dogs, that is!

Dog Food Selector recently published a post about whether or not dogs can eat human foods.

As one might anticipate the answer is neither an unqualified yes nor a no. The article included a detailed list of human foods and an analysis of their potential risks as well as a useful graphical summary.

But first to the article.


Can Dogs Eat Human Foods?

The most important recommendation for introducing new foods to your dog’s diet is to do so progressively.

Because introducing new foods into your dog’s diet may lead to digestive problems.

Our advice is to introduce only one new food at a time, in small amounts at first and observe your dog for any reactions to the change.

Keep in mind that every dog is different, so if you have any doubts please check with your veterinarian to see which ingredients are appropriate for your dog.

But how about foods you eat?

We’re sure you sometimes wonder yourself: Can my dog eat this? Is this food bad for him? Are human foods for dogs OK?

The following list includes numerous foods organized by alphabetical order.

Every food is marked with the potential risk to induce gastrointestinal or toxicity problems in dogs.

The risk is classified as:

0: Minimal risk if given in controlled amounts
1: Low risk
2: Moderate risk
3: High Risk
We advise you not to give your dog foods marked with risk 2 and 3.

Anyhow, you should always consult a vet to get a specific overview of the human foods’ risks on your dog.


Then follows an extensive list of foods in alphabetical order. Here’s an example:

Food: Apricot Risk: 2 Comments: The seeds, leaves, and stems contain cyanide. Additionally, the pits can be a potential choking hazard or cause an intestinal obstruction.

But as well as the detailed list of foods with their associated Risk factor and additional comments, the article included the following ‘infographic’.

Produced by

I think that’s a most useful reference.

What are your thoughts as to how useful this chart is?

9 thoughts on “Eating human food?

  1. This is a wonderful guide for those who are doubtful.. Well Paul I have enjoyed my visit.. Now I have to get going as I have a few jobs to do then I am on the School Run to pick up our granddaughter.. First day back at school today.. New classroom.. Then off to take her to jiu-jitsu class.. 🙂 life never has a dull moment..

    Have a wonderful week.. Please give my love to Jean, I hope she is well.. sending Love and thoughts with well wishes her way.. And now ( fingers crossed ) I have my PC up and running again.. I will try to keep up more.. But you know I will always catch up sooner or later. 🙂
    Have a great rest of the day both of you
    Hugs Sue 🙂


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