Dogs in charge!

Or a particular dog in this instance: Luna the Husky!

We were out much of the day and I only sat down a little before 4pm to offer you dear people something for today’s post. Had a look through my ‘blog’ folder and was reminded of this wonderful video.

It’s very short but that won’t take anything away for you. Enjoy!

Published on May 25, 2016

Watch how Luna the husky begs her owner for more affection during a car ride. How can you say no to that face?!

Such wonderful gorgeous creatures!

15 thoughts on “Dogs in charge!

  1. So cute 🙂 My niece’s dog does something similar. Whenever you have your legs crossed he comes and puts his chest on your foot to get a belly rub. Dogs certainly know how to communicate what they want.


  2. This is too cute. Our Lucy is the same way! If you touch her or stroke her in any way, she keeps grabbing for your hand with her paw/s until it returns to provide more of the same. The look on her face is similar to this Husky, too! Totally nonchalant. Thanks for the smile, Paul! ❤


  3. This video is adorable. Loved it and that husky. What a dog. I saw a video of a husky on You Tube that wanted a bath and its owner had a hard time getting her dog out of the tub. He ” talked” and made human like sounds while refusing to get out of the bath tub. Huskies are great dogs. I had a husky mix many years ago and she was very smart and so sweet.


      1. You Tube. In the search box type in husky that refuses to get out of bathtub. I hope you can find it. I will try finding it later tonight when I get home from seeing my sis at nursing home where she is getting rehab (stroke caused extreme weakness in legs).


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