In celebration of new dogs

An introduction to Lexi.

Yesterday, my good friend of over 40 years, Dan Gomez, left a reply to our introductory post for Brandy. Despite how long I have been blogging it’s rare for Dan to drop in. Indeed, yesterday may well have been his first comment in this place: “Beautiful animal, Paul and Jean! He’s going to have a wonderful country home too!”

Well it wasn’t that long ago that Dan’s previous dog, Bella, died tragically and about a month ago Dan sent me a couple of pictures and a short video of their new dog: Lexi.

So staying with the theme of new members of our respective families, here are a few glimpses of Lexi.

Lexi at Rancho Mirage.
Lexi at Rancho Mirage.



Lexi at two months old - 26th March, 2016.
Lexi at two months old – 26th March, 2016.

As Dan said in his covering email:

What a fine animal! Sweet, adventurous, obedient, beautiful and loves the wet!
Saved our life and Bella would be proud.
May all those across the world that welcome and treasure their dogs live happy, safe and peaceful lives.

14 thoughts on “In celebration of new dogs

  1. Oh what a lovely girl is Lexie. Looking at her face and ears, is there a bit of Afghan hound in there ?


  2. Lexi is a Flat-Coated Retriever. Great English heritage and history. Usually shiny black in color, also can be a “Liver” hue, Wonderful outdoor dogs who love to hike, retrieve anything that fits in their mouth and are known to be very reluctant to leave that nearby pond!


  3. She is one beauty of a dog. I thought she looked like a Flat Coat but could not be sure. I could see that she had fluffy looking ears and a wavy coat. This is a great breed of dogs. Too bad more folks don’t know about them.


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