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More of Jeannie’s paintings

This time Lexi and Brandy

There is no question that Jean has a real knack of capturing the essence of a dog. I continue to be delighted at the quality of her paintings.

Here is one of Lexi that was also featured in a recent Picture Parade. Lexi is Dan’s dog.

And the next is Brandy, one of our own dogs but the biggest of the pack. Brandy is a cross between a Great Pyrenean and a Mastiff.

They are gorgeous!

Dan and Lexi

Just a reminder of how we treasure our dogs.

I was speaking two days ago to my friend Dan of many, many years, and also my best man when Jeannie and I were married in 2010, and we were talking of our dogs. In the conversation Dan said this:

You know that Lexi and I are always together for practically twenty-four hours a day!

Dan went on to say that Lexi followed him everywhere and that, literally, they were together for ninety-nine percent of their time.

I asked Dan to send me a photograph of the two of them. Here it is!

Beautiful beyond words.

(And call by tomorrow for some special words about close friends.)

My Corgi

This is wonderful!

I have been a subscriber to Ugly Hedgehog, a photographic forum, for a little while.

Recently Vicki posted a couple of photographs of her Corgi. They are fabulous and Vicki was kind enough to give me permission to republish them.

First Vicki in her own words:

The morning light backlit my Corgi, Lexi, as she enjoyed the sunny warmth on the back deck, and the house acted as a very large reflector. No fill flash was needed. The catchlights clearly reflect the windows of the house and may or may not be appealing.

I simplified the background with a layer mask in the second shot.

So this is Lexi!

And this is number two!

A brilliant two photographs!

Rattlesnake Aversion Training

Following on from yesterday’s post.

In yesterday’s post that was about Dan’s dog, Lexi, Dan offered:

She had Rattlesnake aversion training last year in Palm Springs and did very well. She ran a gauntlet of four snakes to learn sound, site and smell.

The company that Dan used was Natural Solutions in Palm Springs.

I haven’t had the time yet to contact them to see if they can provide material of general interest to you.

But I did find the following video on YouTube that seemed to be interesting. (But note that I have no knowledge good or bad about the company and there are many other companies offering aversion training.)

In celebration of new dogs

An introduction to Lexi.

Yesterday, my good friend of over 40 years, Dan Gomez, left a reply to our introductory post for Brandy. Despite how long I have been blogging it’s rare for Dan to drop in. Indeed, yesterday may well have been his first comment in this place: “Beautiful animal, Paul and Jean! He’s going to have a wonderful country home too!”

Well it wasn’t that long ago that Dan’s previous dog, Bella, died tragically and about a month ago Dan sent me a couple of pictures and a short video of their new dog: Lexi.

So staying with the theme of new members of our respective families, here are a few glimpses of Lexi.

Lexi at Rancho Mirage.
Lexi at Rancho Mirage.



Lexi at two months old - 26th March, 2016.
Lexi at two months old – 26th March, 2016.

As Dan said in his covering email:

What a fine animal! Sweet, adventurous, obedient, beautiful and loves the wet!
Saved our life and Bella would be proud.
May all those across the world that welcome and treasure their dogs live happy, safe and peaceful lives.