A loving welcome to Brandy!

Yes, we are back up to ten dogs.

Funny how things go!

On Saturday morning Jean and two girl friends, Janet and Pam from close by, went to a $1 Clothing Fair. The Fair sold off donated garments raising money for a local charity for abused women. After they had had their fill of clothes Janet suggested going to a garage sale about three miles from home.

It turned out to be a couple and their daughter that were selling off stuff in advance of having to move to a much smaller house including needing to re-home their dog.

There in the garage was the dog, a beautiful tan coloured Great Pyrenees, as they are known in North America. Or as Wikipedia explains:

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, known as the Great Pyrenees in North America, is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog. It should not be confused with the Pyrenean Mastiff.

Jean, of course, went up to fondle the dog and enquired as to how they were going to re-home him. Taking the dog to a local dog shelter was mentioned by way of reply.

I heard all about this when Jean returned and we quickly agreed we should offer the dog a new home.

So after a quick lunch we both went to meet the dog.

An hour later Jean and I returned home with Brandy! He is gorgeous and here are some photographs of the first few hours of welcoming Brandy to his new place. Note: Brandy was recently shaved by his owners thus coat-wise doesn’t quite look like the Great Pyrenees that he is (possibly with a slight cross with a Mastiff but Dr. Jim doesn’t think so).

Brandy's first look at his new home from the back of the car in the garage.
Brandy’s first look at his new home from the back of the car in the garage.
Brandy signalling that he is ready for big changes!
Brandy signalling that he is ready for big changes!
First sniff of our grass.
First sniff of our grass.
Brandy, welcome!
Brandy, welcome!
So far, so very good!
So far, so very good!
Now the meet and greet with, of course, first up being the old king!
Now the meet and greet with, of course, first up being the old king!
And it didn't stop with Pharaoh!
And it didn’t stop with Pharaoh!
More smells than you could shake a stick at!
More smells than you could shake a stick at!
Yet more new friends to meet!
Yet more new friends to meet!
Then time to settle down at home.
Then time to settle down at home.
What an adorable boy he is going to be.
What an adorable boy he is going to be.
Sunday morning and everything is still going well.
Sunday morning and everything is still going well.
Just another dog for Jeannie to love.
Just another dog for Jeannie and me to love.

Apparently, Brandy is a three-year-old dog but hasn’t yet been neutered. As soon as Brandy has settled down we will get Dr. Jim to check him over thoroughly over at Lincoln Road Vet Clinic, make sure everthing is fine and perform the neutering. (It was neighbour Dr. Jim who wrote the foreword to my book, by the way.)

So that was our weekend – how was yours?

43 thoughts on “A loving welcome to Brandy!

  1. How lovely of you and Jean to home Brandy. And, isn’t he gorgeous? Rhetorical question actually. We’ve had young Tosca six weeks now since she followed A home and she def has her paws under the table now. Or rather, on the sofa.

    1. I’m pretty sure that, likewise, in fewer than six weeks our Brandy will have decided which table his paws will be under! He is adjusting very quickly. Lovely to have your reply.

      1. Been offline for so long while waiting for Tosca’s jabs so well behind on visiting and commenting on blogs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Brandy is gorgeous though. Had to send the link to a friend who had a cross PMD, and she thought there might be a touch of mastiff in there too.

      1. Dan, how wonderful to hear from you! A first I believe in this place!

        Yes, Brandy is very quickly becoming a most delightful member of the family.

    1. John, what I didn’t write in the post is that ‘Brandy’ is a change of name. The conditions that he was found in by Jean, Janet and Pam were terrible. Very unclean and untidy environment, likely ‘B’ receiving little human care and affection and no sense of loss when we asked to take him. For obvious reasons I didn’t want the details being read here.

      At our age and circumstances the last thing we should be doing is taking him into our hearts. But there’s not a scintilla of doubt that we did the right thing, for Brandy.

      1. Paul, bless you & Jean for rescuing “Brandy.” Such a sweet looking dog! Adjusting, and accepted by the other dogs! A win-win situation! ๐Ÿ’› Elizabeth

      2. Elizabeth, lovely to have your support. Brandy is the most soft and gentle dog one could ever wish for. And so far isn’t showing any inclination to get up on chairs or sleep on our bed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Bless you both. So many people adopt Great Pyrenees dogs because, as puppies, they are so fluffy and cute. But they grow into massive creatures, and then suddenly they don’t want to deal with them. This makes me more than sad – same happens with Great Danes – and I wish people would research before adopting. Still, this guy got lucky, as do those who find our friends Nadine Schaeffer and Jason Wehmhoner, small organic farmers in the SF Bay area who rescue them. And lucky us to gather all our animal angels into loving arms.

    1. Bela, you write some beautiful replies in this place. Do you have the details for Nadine and Jason? Possibly a web address? Reason I ask is I would love to write about them. Once again, thank you for lovely words.

    1. The typo didn’t detract in the slightest from the generosity of your reply. He is turning out to be the most mellow, beautiful dog one could ever hope for. Hope there are always roses around you!

  3. I figured that Jean wanted to take him for very obvious reasons. To ensure that Brandy would get a loving and caring home- far better than the one where he had been living. Bless your pea picking hearts. He will thrive in your care. He is a handsome dog. I would have done the same I have eight dogs (one came from the shelter) and they are personal rescues from the streets after being abandoned.

    1. Yvonne, yes Brandy is turning out to be a real treasure. He has the most gentle nature and as he gains confidence that this is his new life there’s quite a personality starting to bubble up. Wonderful creatures!

    1. Tammy, welcome to this place. Yes, we were very lucky to find this property back in the summer of 2012. Thanks for saying how beautiful our Brandy is. Handsome in looks and very beautiful in character.

  4. I’m not sure how I missed Brandy’s welcome post Paul, but I saw Jean with him in this morning’s post and thought I would explore!
    He is an adorable big boy ๐Ÿ’•
    Sending him a hug from his internet community!

  5. Jean was obviously meant to go to that garage sale.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and it looks to me like you have a Happy New family member Paul who looks to be fitting right in.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sue, I’m running out of ways of expressing just how Jean and I have reacted to having Brandy with us. Indeed, not just Jeannie and me but all the other family members; cats and dogs alike! Mellow Brandy doesn’t even get close to his wonderful character.

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