Such profoundly wise animals.

Two very moving examples of the loving wisdom of our dogs.

First, another gem from Chris Snuggs.

not my photo, and I can’t remember where I found it …

sunsetdogBut what does it all MEAN?

See the original here on Chris’s blogsite.

Then the second is a video that was brought to my attention thanks to Neil in South Devon. As Neil so rightly said, “Leaving aside the captions it’s quite moving….”. (And, trust me, believers and non-believers alike, you are going to weep from start to finish, just as Jean and I did!)

In a world where so much is so utterly screwed up it is the most blissful miracle that we have our dogs!

11 thoughts on “Such profoundly wise animals.

      1. John, well twenty-four hours elapsed by the time I managed to read that article. The examples of dogs’ sensitivity to us humans is truly remarkable. Thank you for the link.


  1. Yes, Paul, I had a definite lump in my throat watching the clip. If angels exist, that golden lab is certainly one. I’ve passed it on to my animal loving friends.


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