KAJO author interview

Would love you to listen to this.


In exactly twenty-four hours from now, you will have the opportunity to listen to Kyle Dunlap of the radio station KAJO interviewing me about my book: Learning from Dogs.

The interview, that was pre-recorded on the 23rd November, is part of KAJO’s community broadcasts where they speak to local authors. As a newbie author, I was delighted and flattered to be asked to participate.


The broadcast is a little after 12:45 Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, 8th December. If you are not in the USA, you can check the equivalent time easily at The World Clock website.

It is being broadcast live on KAJO’s website

You will see the On Air button to click just to the right of the KAJO 1270am logo. Here is the “Click to Listen Live” button grabbed from the KAJO website at 3:20pm yesterday.


It will have Kyle Dunlap’s name on it when you “tune in” at 12:45 tomorrow.

If you do listen to the interview do leave a comment below – good or bad! 😉

6 thoughts on “KAJO author interview

      1. Yes, and that’s natural. But years ago, when I was in business on my own account, I did a number of these pre-recorded interviews. Translating to me having a number of likely answers laid out in front of me. If you find yourself heading for such an interview, drop me a line and I will very happily offer a more in-depth briefing.

        Kyle recorded a total of 13 minutes so it will be fascinating to see what comprises the 5 minutes of what will be transmitted! 😉

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