Picture parade one hundred and twenty-three.

Couldn’t resist these!

When putting together yesterday’s post, based heavily on a recent article over on Mother Nature Network, I couldn’t help noticing a link on that MNN item to this: 13 photos of dogs that got invited to the wedding. Wanted to share some of the photographs with you for today’s picture parade.

wedding dogs1


wedding dog2


wedding dogs3


wedding dogs4




wedding dogs6


wedding dogs7


Sources for all the pictures may be looked up here.

Final picture for today is the one of Jean and me at our anniversary lunch taken at The Twisted Cork in Grants Pass on Friday. Not quite newly-weds but still not that long ago!


Best wishes to everyone!

7 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and twenty-three.

  1. Lovely anniversary pic. That menu is a bit cheese intensive!

    I like the wedding photos, although I’m not a fan of dressing dogs up, but I think it’s lovely people involve their dogs in a special day 🙂


  2. Beyond adorable! Don and I got married in Scotland, just over 6 years ago. We couldn’t have our 4 dogs with us, so the wedding cake had marzipan replicas of them. It was a wonderful surprise!!


    1. Val, didn’t realise that you and Don are not too far apart from Jean and me. Both in matters of the heart and dogs. (Correction: I know you both, as with us, include your dogs in your matters of the heart!)

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