No hiding place!

I am referring to my forthcoming book!

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Late yesterday evening, I loaded onto a memory stick the final version of my manuscript, 32 black & white photographs, and a list of the captions to said photographs.

Around 4pm this afternoon (Tuesday PDT), that memory stick will be passed to Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics. It is Deborah who designed the cover of the book, as shown above, and is handling all the interior design work to ensure that the book is visually attractive, and that the final print file is perfect. Once there has been a final check for any typos, then the print file will go to IngramSparks, who I am using for my Print on Demand requirements plus other services, as their website fully describes. (There will be an eBook version as well.)

Deborah Perdue
Deborah Perdue

I met Deborah the first time I was invited to a monthly meeting in nearby Grants Pass of AIM, an acronym for Authors Innovative Marketing: a group of authors who work together to help sell their books. Deborah is an author in her own right and an AIM member.

However, this post is much less about me promoting my book than me applauding the incredible, professional talents of Deborah and Joni Wilson, my editor, who was recommended by Deborah. If there is anyone out there thinking of writing their first book, or has another one in the pipeline, I couldn’t recommend too strongly Deborah and Joni.

Joni has spent dozens of hours, literally, going through my manuscript time and again recommending changes. Her degree of attention to detail simply beggars belief.  Here’s a tiny example of that showing my marked-up draft, followed by Joni’s recommended amendments:

In March 2013 there was a study published in the PLOS ONE10 scientific journal that revealed, according to lead author Dr. Robert Losey(1) talking with Discovery News:

Dog burials appear to be more common in areas where diets were rich in aquatic foods because these same areas also appear to have had the densest human populations and the most cemeteries. . . .(2)

If the practice of burying dogs was solely related to their importance in procuring terrestrial game, we would expect to see them in the Early Holocene (around 9,000 years ago), when human subsistence practices were focused on these animals. . . .

Further, we would expect to see them in later

Losey(1) Comment [JW6]: Your reference is only for the journal article. The quote below does not appear in the journal article. Instead these words are what Losey said to Discovery News about the article. See I added this to reference 10.

. . . .(2) Comment [JW7]: These ellipses indicate that the text was left out of the original article—it is not quoted verbatim here.

I wanted Joni to share a few words with you and this is what she wrote.


Joni Wilson
Joni Wilson

Words to Share

While I was an advisor for a college nursing program, I met many older adults who often lamented that they wished they could have had become students when they were younger. To them, it seemed a bit awkward to be going back to nursing school in their later years. I shared with them that their life experiences and what they had learned would serve them well to become better nurses. Everything that had occurred in their lives to this point had prepared them for the next part of the journey.

Those words struck home with me, as I too have had a wealth of experiences to prepare me for where I am now. From nursing to religion to liberal arts degrees; from single life to married life to parenting, and then back to single life; from working with hospitals, corporations, religious institutions, and celebrities, I have learned a lot from the people who have crossed my path.

I am now a fulltime freelancer, providing professional editing and formatting services for individuals and businesses, sharing what I’ve learned during a lifetime of interacting with others in various situations. I have met the most incredible people from around the world who have written their thoughts and feelings and want to share their expertise and wisdom through writing fiction or nonfiction, usually ebook or print books, but also websites, blogs, brochures, and manuals.

How envious I am of authors who are able to express themselves—to tell a story, to share a passion, or to express a concern! It’s incredible the way that words can be used! I do not consider myself a writer, but instead I help mold the words to help the author say what they really mean to say in the most acceptable, reader-friendly manner. I’ve found that my talents include attention to detail; knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and a perception to discern if things just seem a bit off. I offer suggestions for revisions of words, phrases, or formatting, always remembering that these are the author’s words and I’m helping to fine tune the finished product.

I love what I do—the people I meet through their words, the new concepts that I’m introduced to that help me grow to create a better life, and the knowledge that our paths intersect because we have something to share with one another.


I consider myself very fortunate to have Deborah and Joni alongside me.

But that was then, and this is now! This is a moment that is difficult to define in emotional terms. But I am aware that it won’t be long before the marketplace votes with their feet, so to speak, as to whether they like the book or not.

I would be less than human if I didn’t admit to a slight fear of failure. Hence the title to today’s post!

22 thoughts on “No hiding place!

    1. Thanks Tony. With your background as a man of words, you should write a book about what you blog about. Or have you already done so? As with Kate, your first impression of the cover is valuable. Thank you, again.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Looks good Paul! Notice that considering the “market” the ultimate authority is the error this civilization is falling into. Many of the greatest books of humanity were read by just a few, during the authors’ lives. Some of the greatest books were published posthumously.


    1. Patrice, I would have expected no less from you! 🙂 in my own case, this being neither one of humanities greatest books, nor is being published posthumously (fingers crossed, as it will still be four weeks before the book is available) how it sells is my measure of success.


  2. This is a beautiful cover! I can’t wait to receive my copy for my birthday?? Well done indeed!


    1. Oh, my darling sister, thank you so much for your reply. The exact date of availability is still slightly uncertain. However, there’s a pretty good chance that getting a copy to you within days of your birthday.


  3. Quote from mother (sorry …only just remembered it from my trip to UK in August) “Of course I’ll read Paul’s book when it’s printed and when I get it I’ll read it from cover to cover…)
    Another order placed then…..!


  4. Two wonderful People dear Paul 🙂 and a pleasure to meet them via your post..
    Sending warm Congratulations and Love the Book cover and what is written on the back.. Wonderful you are donating proceeds 🙂

    You know I wish you all the very best in your forthcoming sales. 🙂

    Love and Blessings


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