Lilly’s long goodbye

Fewer than five minutes ago, at 11:52 PDT today, Sunday 23rd August 2015, Jim Goodbrod euthanised our Lilly.

Lilly, aged seventeen, started to decline about a year ago. In the last few weeks she had become progressively weaker, she was hardly eating and had lost much body mass, her kidneys were close to total failure and it was clear to Jean and me that she was close to what could in all likelihood be a painful end. So much better for Lilly that her end should be peaceful and pain-free, as it most clearly was.

Lilly was found by Jean sixteen years ago with her five young, suckling puppies in a car mechanics workshop in San Carlos, Mexico and has been loved and cared for by Jean right up to the end. Most Mexican street dogs barely live for a couple of years.

All of our dogs are special yet the odds of any other of our dogs living seventeen human years is very low.

I intend to republish tomorrow and Tuesday two posts of Lilly in homage of this wonderful, gentle and loving dog.

Let me leave you with this photograph of Jean and Lilly from earlier last year.

Another very recent photograph of Lilly.
A photograph of Lilly taken in February, 2014.

29 thoughts on “Lilly’s long goodbye

  1. She’s beautiful. My heart goes out to you. I have my own furry friend here, aged sixteen and a half, and although she’s in no pain as of yet, she’s had a few operations to remove tumours, and we’ve been told she will not be with us for very long now. They change our lives, and who we are, for the better dogs, and I can’t imagine ever being without her. But it will happen. I’m so sorry for your loss, but glad that your gains, and Lilly’s too, were and are so great. In peace. Sonmi X

    1. My reply to you in precisely the same emotional place as my reply to Sonmi. Lilly’s body was taken to our local crematorium in Grants Pass who kindly brought in staff to receive Lilly on a Sunday. We returned home about thirty minutes ago.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. I’m glad that Lilly had such a caring and loving home all those years.

  3. Such an emotionally charged time for you and Jean, I know Paul; and how could it be otherwise when love moves, mysteriously yet certainly, into another way of being? As William Penn said, love is eternal, yet the limits of our sight can make it seem beyond Penn’s horizon just for a moment. And then we come back to realizing it is not in the end a matter for the eyes, but for the heart alone, where it always resided, and always will.

  4. Such a sad time that touches our hearts deeply. They are all so special. Sending love and light to you and Jean. Lilly will have a special place in your hearts forever.
    She was such a lucky girl to be loved so much 💛

    1. Val, as I implied in my reply to Hariod just a few moments ago, we are able to reach out across the world, reach out with our hearts and share the moments of joy and of sadness, and it makes such a difference. Thank you.

      1. Yes Paul – reaching out and supporting each other with loving connection makes this world a better place … And eases our sorrow. xo

  5. I often say that it’s unfair they should only live as long as they do… I’m very sorry about your sweet Lilly. I know exactly how hard this is but I can only imagine them transcending to a beautiful place where their pure spirits live happily. Like Lilly is now, after a happy loving life. I can’t help but remember the words of that kid about his dying dog: “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.” They are indeed born with the knowledge of giving love.

  6. Dear friends,

    Earlier this evening I read out aloud all the beautiful responses from you to Jean and she wishes you all to know how greatly moved she was by your loving kindness.

    Thank you from us both.

  7. What a wonderful dog Lilly was! And what a wonderful life she had with you. I have a 17 year old Cairn terrier – Max, ( plus a much younger Jack Russell cross, 4 cats and some pet chooks and pet ducks.) Max is mostly blind and deaf but still enjoys his food – only the best of course. My neighbour up the road and I were chuckling the other day about what great lives our pets have. She even gives her two dogs and two cats a hot water bottle each on winter nights even though they all sleep indoors in a cosy house.
    It’s difficult when they get old. You don’t want to end their lives too early, but you don’t want to leave it until there’s a health emergency when they are distressed. Max suffered a few fits a month or so back, had an eye removed a year ago and a 2 lb (!) lipoma hanging from underneath his stomach completely removed by an excellent veterinary surgeon two years back. He sleeps a lot, doesn’t walk far but there is nothing wrong with his sense of smell or appetite! Every day is a bonus at the moment. I monitor him closely and hopefully I’ll get the timing right. Dogs are such wonderful creatures and your blog is rightly named.
    I congratulate you on the love and care you provided to Lilly and no doubt to all your pets. I only wish that there were more human beings like you in the world.
    – Margaret, Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia

  8. Oh Paul.. I wish I had read this post first .. instead of my usual backwards progression.. So please strike my comment upon your next post.. I obviously didn’t read it correctly..

    You both know you have my heart.. And I have tears.. and so will stop..
    ❤ Love to you both.. xxxxxxxxx

    1. Sue, don’t be hard on yourself. I’m going to leave both replies as they are. For they were both written with sincerity and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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