Picture parade eighty-seven

More of those fabulous photographs of nature sent on to me by Dordie. (But see the very last one!)

The first set of these wonderful photographs was last week.

















A golden dawn as seen from our bedroom window at home - taken Friday 13th, March, 2015.
A golden dawn as seen from our bedroom window at home – taken Friday 13th March, 2015.

The third set of Dordie’s photographs in a week’s time.

17 thoughts on “Picture parade eighty-seven

      1. Oh my goodness yes, I adore the smell, sound, feel and look of it in any weather. Powerful and sometimes shocking on stormy days or when its as flat as a millpond when the silence is deafening if you know what I mean. 🙂

      2. I lived on a Tradewind 33 for a number of years based at Larnaca Marina in Cyprus. Back in 1991 returned to Plymouth via a sail from Gibraltar to The Azores. Lost my heart to the deep ocean.

      3. How interesting for you. I have not experienced the real deep ocean but my partner has, having been a merchant seaman for many years. We both respect and love it deeply.
        So are you in Plymouth now?

      4. Would love to read some stories of your partner’s experiences at sea.

        Jean and I are living in a rural part of southwest Oregon although we are both born Londoners!

      5. Oh wow there must be an interesting story of how you got to Oregon from London! I don’t even know Oregon but I bet it’s better than London. I don’t like cities and towns.

    1. Donna, welcome to this place and thanks for your interest. Dordie and Bill are our close neighbours and she saw these pictures on the web and forwarded them to me. The pictures were embedded in her email so I don’t know the source; they weren’t Dordie’s pictures, that I do know.

      Hope this helps?

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