Creativity from the heart.

A guest post.

When I started blogging back in July, 2009, I had not the slightest idea of what to expect. Frankly, if I had had any expectations, I still would have never realised the web of friendships that would result.  In fact, it is only the sense, the strong sense, of friendship that flows from followers and friends of Learning from Dogs that keeps me at it. Many of those that follow this place are themselves bloggers and are followed by me in turn.

All of which is an introduction to an email that arrived some six days ago.  This is what I read:

Hi Paul,
I posted this on my site, Scribble Darts from the Heart, yesterday. I was wondering if you would consider it as a guest post for your site. I know the actual event between polar bear and dog took place several years ago and you may have already shared something in this regard but I thought I would run it by you and see what you think.
Cheers, Mary 🙂

I dropped in to Mary’s blogsite and thought her idea of a guest post was wonderful.  It is a very short guest post but you will love it! (And you will need a handkerchief nearby!)


Miracle of Play

My Haiku today was inspired by the heartwarming story of a polar bear and sled dog that played together daily for over a week.

Here is that story.


Trust, openness and friendship.

So much to learn from our beautiful animals.

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