Please save this beautiful dog!

GSD rescue

Dearest Suzann, who invited me out to San Carlos, Mexico, for the Christmas of 2007, leading to Jean and me meeting, is heavily involved in rescuing the many feral dogs found in that part of the world.

She recently sent me the following:

Shepherd Boy will be euthanized in a few days at the CA state kennel he is at and Jeannie Wade is trying to help save his life….do you guys know of anyone? Let me know asap.

He is located in the Central Coast area of California and goes by the name ‘Shepherd Boy’ and is one year old.

He is in a high kill shelter and has days to live.

Shepherd Boy is shy and sweet tempered and the volunteers at the shelter feel he will make a very good companion/pet for a nice family or couple.

Paul, If I were up there, I would take him in a heartbeat!


Please, please share this as far and wide as possible – urgently.

Shepherd Boy may be found at the Central Coast SPCA, Orcutt, California 93457

Suzann has given me the name of Jeannine Wade and she may be emailed at:


13 thoughts on “Please save this beautiful dog!

  1. Sue just sent me a little more information: “Actually he is located in Baldwin Park!! Who knew? I think that is in southern California. A bit more info….he has tested out to be dog social and people social…just shy. He has a bit of sparse hair on his rump, but that is probably just flea allergy…seen it alot and it goes away pretty fast with light treatment.

    Fingers crossed Shepherd Boy is found a new home.

    1. The latest update on Shepherd Boy is that he is actually in a shelter in Downey… Which is also in the LA area…..My friend J9 who runs the Central Coast SPCA is on the job looking for an animal lover/rescuer as we speak to grab him out of there!! She is a wonderful, tireless animal rescuer and goes to great lengths to make sure all is well with her rescues.
      I have a friend in my home town who owns Squeaks, Chirps and Bubbles Pet and Feed Store in Los Osos California, and she thinks she has a couple of candidates to take him!!!! So we shall hope and pray that something works out for the gorgeous animal asap and get him safely out of there!!
      I want to thank all of you wonderful dog lovers for your interest in him.
      I would also take him in a heart beat as well if it were at all possible, but I have 13 dogs here at my home and another 15 or so that I care for out in the desert in a small fishing village on the west facing beaches of San Carlos.
      My most recent rescue was a little 5 lb Rotty mix who had his little foot and part of his lower leg cut off by a trap or barbed wire and I had to rush him to the vet surgeon in Guaymas to sew him up….he is 7 1/2 weeks old now and learning to walk on 3 legs, bless his heart. He is a handful, but just a precious little boy.
      Have a good night …..
      I will check in tomorrow with an update.

      1. Dearest Su, that means so much to me and everyone else to have that update from you, and J9. We all hope this has a happy ending for such a beautiful dog. Fondest love from me and Jeannie-Beannie.

  2. Actual tears are rolling out my eyes. How I wish someone would realize just how wonderful shepherds are and what fabulous pets hey make. Go, go now and wrap your arms around this beautiful dog!

    1. Mike, Jean and I share your tears. If only we could take him but what with nine dogs, two of those being Shepherds, it all seems too much for us. Agree totally with your view of the breed. They are the most beautiful of animals.

      1. We are transitioning from a home to a condo. Right now we are restricted to only one small (under 25 lbs) dog. I’m a big softie and would probably be dragging home one after the other if I were to visit the shelters. Just a heartbreaker. ARRRRgh!

  3. Hi everyone! Here is the latest on Sheperd Boy…or as we call him now, Shy Boy.
    My friend J9 (Jeannine)…{you see how she got her nickname!} tried to get the dog rescued today, but was told that the state shelter did not have her rescue organization on their books, so they said it would take 3 weeks to make that happen….unfortunately, that would not happen soon enough for the poor dog to live. So J9 asked two friends to just go there and adopt the dog! But, by the time the two ladies got to the shelter today, it was closed because of traffic delays, and rain!

    Upshot is: the dog is going to be neutered on Tuesday and after that will be released to the friends of J9 and will be headed to Central Coast California!! SAFE!!!! and SOUND!!
    He will go to my friend Susie’s at the Pet shop there and she will foster the dog under the supervision of J9 and after the required amount of time, he will be adopted out to one of the 62 applicants who want to adopt him!!
    Happy days for this wonderful dog, and thanks so much to J9 and to Susie!
    I will update more info as it comes in, if the interest is still there with you all.
    Thanks so much for following.
    Suzann in San Carlos

    1. Suzann, that is the greatest news upon which to end this last day of January. Please keep the good news coming this way. In fact, you and I can speak on the phone and when Shy Boy is in his new home I can publish a new post.

      Just wonderful, and many thanks for taking the trouble to write an update.

      Fondest love from Jean and me.

      1. Hola! So, nothing much happened over the weekend.
        But I have an update for you on Shy Boy.
        I queried when was he taken in to the county shelter, and why hasn’t he already been neutered? The reply was that he was taken in on the 25th of last month and since this shelter has 10 other shepherds that show much better, Shy Boy has been overlooked, hence his death sentence. They don’t spay/neuter at this shelter until an animal is adopted, thus saving the $$ in case they are euthanized.
        With the notice I originally received from J9, I then emailed several of my friends in the Los Osos area, thinking that he was in Central Coast. My friend Susie contacted her people and J9 now has the power to rescue him and he will be brought up to the Central Coast ASAP! His operation is today, and he will be taken out by J9’s people THIS AFTERNOON and she will meet them half way in Ventura and off he goes to Susie in Los Osos, and eventually to his new home after a time.
        I will continue to keep updates coming until he is safe and sound in his new digs!!
        Habla mas tarde.

      2. Su, another great update and so pleased that this lovely boy has the potential of a great life ahead for him.

        When you think he is ready to be adopted by new owners, let me know and we can put together a post promoting him, including some up-to-date photographs.

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