Would you?

Over the years, I have collected well over a hundred ‘draft’ posts.  In the main, these are simply things that have caught my eye that could perhaps be a blog post sometime in the future.

Recently, I have been wandering through these drafts, throwing away those topics that were clearly dated, and endeavouring to find the gems that really do need to be shared with you.

This post most definitely falls into the ‘must share’ category.

It is just a photograph. A photograph that I regret I can no longer recall it’s source.

But trust me, this is one of those photographs that …….

What a view!

…… takes ones breath away!

7 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. Only if I had a rope tied to my middle.. and the rope was tied very securely LOL.. Made me go dizzy just thinking about it.. But then it would never do to be all the same.. We have to have those who DARE.. and those who Scare.. 🙂

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