The one journey we should take before we die.

I’m referring to the journey within.

Last Friday I offered a post under the title of The power of stillness.  It was founded on a recent essay seen in the newsletter called Just One Thing published, freely, by Dr. Rick Hanson.  Here’s the closing paragraph of that essay:

 Wherever you find it, enjoy stillness and let it feed you. It’s a relief from the noise and bustle, a source of clarity and peace. Give yourself the space, the permission, to be still – at least in your mind – amidst those who are busy. To use a traditional saying:

May that which is still
be that in which your mind delights.

There’s a very strong correlation between finding that stillness within and having the self-awareness and peace that comes from knowing who one is.  Seems such an easy ‘walk in the park’ to know ourselves but most times it is far from that.  Many are the ways that we hide who we really are! 😉

However the rewards are everything.  Knowing and liking oneself offers the richest scenery of any journey.

All of which constitutes my way of introducing a truly wonderful poem from Sue Dreamwalker, a great friend of this blog.


Vicar’s Water. A Sanctuary for wild life.
Vicar’s Water. A Sanctuary for wild life.

Journey Within..

Come with me on a journey it starts inside my head

Create a place to dwell from all the Fear and dread

Close your eyes and behind them create a perfect vision

Build a garden full of beauty get ready for your transition


Sit upon the grass as sky lark sings above

Hold out your hand to feed the many cooing Doves

See the babbling stream as the young fawn drinks her fill

And listen to the Woodpecker’s distant woodland drill


Watch the tiny fishes as the light glistens from their scales

You’re now adrift in the ocean, as you watch the Humpback Whales

You listen to their song a lament as old as time

Each breath takes you deeper as your Spirit begins to climb


Now you are on a mountain its top all crisp and white

You fly among the Eagles suspended in effortless flight

Thermals take you higher as you travel within its ring

Higher yet you travel, more peace to feel and bring


Through the clouds you break into outer-space you speed

Looking back at a Blue Planet which provided all your needs

Weightless and suspended no longer feeling Form

You fly around the heavens exploring each star born.


Filled up now with knowledge no mortal Words could speak

You return back to your garden upon your grassy seat

A new sense of Peace surrounds you as you open up your eyes

You can return in an instant, just open up your mind.

We can travel anywhere we wish when we just close our eyes and allow our mind to relax in a meditation.. Breathe deep and create your perfect space…. The above poem I wrote last week as I recollected part of a meditation.. The view I have included is one taken on a regular walk we often take..Have a fabulous week.

Thank you for Reading



What can one say? All that comes to mind is stay on your own journey and never stop enjoying the views.

14 thoughts on “The one journey we should take before we die.

  1. Another well aimed post from you and the poetry was sublime. Oddly enough, being quiet and visualizing favorite scenes are the quickest way for me to find sleep, I need quiet to shut my scampering brain down for a few hours sleep.


  2. Paul thank you for publishing my poem.. I am now going to read your links.. Finding that stillness within sometimes within this busy world of ours can be difficult.. The Key is to ‘detach’ .. For so long I would worry about the nature of where our world was heading.. When really we need only worry about our own direction in life.. And once we embrace Peace within… We find we are on a more tranquil journey .. 🙂

    In love and Gratitude 🙂


    1. Sue, more than once I have been recommended to meditate but, for whatever reason, I haven’t. Plenty of wonderfully peaceful spots around the property – just can’t seem to give meditation a higher priority in my life. Mildly curious as to why?


      1. Paul.. Meditation isn’t mandatory … You can call the peace you find with your animals a meditation.. A walk with Jean and sitting admiring the views… All can me a meditation…
        The other evening I was knitting.. and I got into a mantra of saying Peace within, Peace without,… with each knitted stitch… Finding contentment in what you do is finding the space to find that tranquil spot within..
        It is very difficult when those say to meditate you have to empty your mind.. to do so is near on impossible..
        I think you have the balance.. Just right! 🙂 my friend


      2. That’s a very helpful reply. Where I do find stillness is with a couple of our dogs: Cleo and Hazel. Both allow me to rest my forehead against the warm tops of their heads, just between their ears, and I quickly go into almost a trance-like state. The sensation of love that flows across that skin-to-fur boundary is indescribable! Can’t be doing me any harm! 😉

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  3. Talk about serendipity! Kimberley over on Words4jp’s Blog has just published the most perfect poem as a follow-up to today’s post. Hope she won’t mind if I republish it:

    Just Be
    to mesmerize me ~ be yourself
    to tantalize me ~ be yourself
    to satiate me ~ be yourself
    to challenge me ~ be yourself
    to love me ~ be yourself
    to complete me ~ love me

    Perfect! 🙂


  4. Sorry, on a bit of a roll this morning.

    For Terry Hershey has included this in his weekly Sabbath Moment: “When we belong, we have an outside mooring to prevent us from falling into ourselves.John O’Donohue


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