Secesh Reservoir, Oregon.

A gem in the crown of stunning countryside.

Funny how things happen!

In last Wednesday’s post I included a picture of Jean with Robert who helped us load 60 bales of hay onto our trailer.  This photo:

Jean thanking Robert for his great help in loading 60 bales!
Jean thanking Robert for his great help in loading 60 bales!

Anyway, Tad, who farms the land, mentioned a wonderful place to fish not far from his farm at Wolf Creek.

I’m not a fisherman but Andy, who is staying with us with his wife, Trish, is a keen fisherman.

So last Wednesday we all set off into the high forest lands up above Wolf Creek and after some pretty tough driving up some steep dirt roads found the lake.  Here’s a record of our morning at Secesh.

Wow! First sighting!

As you can see, it was a breath-taking oasis in a sea of tall trees and towering peaks.

Still waters!

With crystal-clear waters that just seemed to be calling out to those that enjoy fly-fishing!

Doesn't get much better than this!
Doesn’t get much better than this!

Meanwhile, yours truly decided to walk the perimeter of the lake that is, apparently, some 3.7 acres of water area.

Towards the farthest point of the shoreline, a beautiful stream was flowing into the lake.

Mountain streams.
Mountain streams.

And not too farther along, a likewise beautiful stream outflowed from the lake.

What flows in ... must eventually flow out.
What flows in … must eventually flow out.

From this vantage point, one could look across the full breadth of the lake.

First sighting of the lake!
Tranquility in spades!

And marvel at the wildlife, from ….

Dragon flies.

… the very small, to ….

An American bald-eagle.

…. the stunning eagles of the land. A veritable icon of this country!

Returning in time to see Andy pulling a (small) fish from the lake.

that was promptly returned ..
that was promptly returned ..

And Jean and Trish catching up on old times.

Pure bliss!

What a fabulous discovery!

Less than 25 miles from home.

Thank you, Tad!

We will return – possibly with a dog or two!

8 thoughts on “Secesh Reservoir, Oregon.

  1. Wow… thank you Paul for taking me along that hike with you and fishing too along with a picnic 🙂 and a natter…. I also did some amazing Bird watching.. Fancy seeing a Bald Eagle in the tree tops, and How big was that fish? ————- This BIg!! 🙂 glad you got photo proof.. 🙂 beautiful countryside Paul, breathtakingly good…
    Enjoy your weekend both of you, and I am sure the Dogs will love it and probably enjoy a swim too 🙂
    Take care..


    1. Thank you so much, Sue!

      Yes, I can predict that the next time we are up there and it’s a warm, sunny day both dogs and this aged Brit will be seen swimming!

      You, too, have a happy and peaceful week-end.


  2. Wowzers – what a lovely place and experience. Yes, the puppy doggies must go. You got a chance to see such beauty – think about the cornucopia of smells they can sniff! Woof woof!


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