No limit to friendship!

The friendship of a Magpie and a dog.

Kindly sent to me by Chris Snuggs.

Tried to find more background information but the best I could do was from here:

This is Sqwark the Australian Magpie, and Whiskey and the dog and they are the best of friends! Sqwark is Whiskey’s friend, not a chew toy. It may look rough, but they are just playing like they do all the time and having fun.

In addition, there was a comment on the YouTube page:

The “grey back” is an indication that it’s a juvenile. When it’s an adult, the grey bit will be snowy white.

Wherever you are in the world, have a peaceful and fun-loving day!

6 thoughts on “No limit to friendship!

  1. This is soooooo funny. The saying that opposites attract certainly rings true here. My question is – does the bird think he is a dog? Or does the dog think he is a bird? (I am certain I have my genders mixed up – sorry ’bout that;)


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