Picture parade four.

Returning to Lew Levenson’s fabulous photographs.

My first foray into presenting you with stunning photographs came along on the 30th June.  As I wrote then,

Sit back and be amazed!

A friend from Payson, Arizona, Lew Levenson, recently sent across a set of 38 astounding photographs, all on the theme of perfectly timed shots.

Going on to publish the second set on the 7th July, the third set on the 14th July, and the fourth set on the 21st July.

So these are the last six from those photographs sent by Lew and, like the others, are simply wonderful.  (Captions from yours truly!)

Don't even bother thinking of running away!
Don’t even bother thinking of running away!



Now that’s what I call a stare!



Excuse me! Been hunting too much at night these last few days!



The ‘front-line’ of man meets nature!



If it were me, I’d zoom out a little more!



Heard about perfect co-ordination? Try this for size!



You all have a great week out there.

2 thoughts on “Picture parade four.

  1. Gorgeous as usual 🙂 The shark looks like me first thing most mornings — sometimes all day. Must be an age thing, but you’re never too young/old to enjoy nature, eh?


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