More on healing.

Reflecting more than a casual interest in this fascinating topic.

Yesterday, I referred to a recent visit to my doctor and the ‘system’ not being able to address two aspects at the same time, Vestibular Migraine and possible memory issues.  Then later on, in response to a comment from Michelle of Dogkisses Blog, I owned up to having been advised that I may have early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

But very quickly friends responded to that ‘news’ by asking me if I had come across the information about coconut oil.  So here are my findings about the possible curative effects of coconut oil and, clearly, I wanted to draw this to the attention of as many people as I can.  Please feel free to republish this information; all I would ask is that you link back to the URL for this Post – thank you.

Let me take you to a website called Coconut Ketones and to a page on that website where there are a number of articles on the possible major healing effect of coconut oil.  The primary article, written in 2008, starts thus,


A Case Study by Dr. Mary Newport

July 22, 2008

There is a growing epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and predictions that 15,000,000 people in the United States alone will have Alzheimer’s Disease by the year 2050.

In 2001, Dr. Richard L. Veech of the NIH, and others, published an article entitled, “Ketone bodies, potential therapeutic uses.”1 In 2003, George F. Cahill, Jr. and Richard Veech authored, “Ketoacids? Good Medicine?”2 and in 2004, Richard Veech published a review of the therapeutic implications of ketone bodies.3 These articles are not found in journals that the average physician would read, much less the lay public. Unless you are researching the topic, it is unlikely that you would ever randomly come across this information.

My husband Steve, age 58, has had progressive dementia for at least five years. He had an MRI in May 2008 showing a diffuse involutional change of the frontal and parietal lobes and moderate left-sided and severe right-sided amygdala and hippocampal atrophy with no ischemic change, which would support a clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. For non-medical people, this means that he has shrunken areas of the brain. Many days, often for several days in a row, he was in a fog; couldn’t find a spoon or remember how to get water out of the refrigerator. Some days were not so bad; he almost seemed like his former self, happy, with his unique sense of humor, creative, full of ideas. One day I would ask if a certain call came that I was expecting and he would say, “No.” Two days later he would remember the message from so-and-so from a couple of days earlier and what they said. Strange to have no short-term memory and yet the information was filed somewhere in his brain. My gut feeling is that diet has something to do with the fluctuation, but what. I knew that he was locked up in there somewhere, if only there was a key to open up the areas of his brain that he didn’t have access to.

The article goes on to show the amazing and positive differences that came about for Steve as a result of incorporating coconut oil and other dietary aspects.  Please go here to view and download a pdf of the full article.  But I will give you the closing paragraphs.

If you are using any type of hydrogenated vegetable oil or any oil with transfat, do not use any more and get rid of it! Extra virgin olive oil, butter and other natural, non-hydrogenated oils are okay to use along with the coconut oil. It is possible to use coconut oil in place of all other oils, however, since it contains no omega-3 fatty acids, it is very important to eat salmon twice a week or get enough omega-3 fatty acid from other rich sources such as fish oil capsules, flax meal, flax oil (not for cooking) or walnuts.

It is inconceivable that a potential dietary prevention and cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases, has been out there for so many years, and yet has gone unnoticed. It is very likely that these diseases are becoming more prevalent due our current diet. The American diet has changed drastically from what it was before the 1950’s, when our parents and grandparents used lard and coconut oil to cook. Cardiovascular disease was rare at the beginning of the 20th century, and has skyrocketed, along with other devastating diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes type II, obesity, since mass produced hydrogenated vegetable oils containing trans fats were introduced into our diets and replaced these other natural fats. Sadly, the incidences of cardiovascular and other serious diseases are becoming more and more common among people in other areas of the world who have changed over from their indigenous foods to the “western” diet.

I plan to tell everyone I can and get this information to persons in positions to investigate this with the hope that Dr. Veech and other MCT oil and ketone body researchers get the funding they need. Feel free to make copies and pass this write-up on. If you have a loved one or a patient with Alzheimer’s or one of these other degenerative neurologic diseases, consider trying coconut oil. Dr. Veech suggests that, if possible, a videotape of the person before starting and at various points after starting the coconut oil would be very useful to document change. He suggests including segments of the persons face, speech and gait (walking). He also advises to have ketone bodies measured. What have you got to lose?

So in between eating spoonfulls of cold-compressed coconut oil, let me also give you some more information.

Here’s a video of Dr. Newport on CBN,

And here’s Part One of a video series all about Dr. Newport’s effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer’s with coconut oil.

Then I came across a paper delivered by  Mary G. Enig, PhD on the Weston A. Price Foundation website.  Here’s a flavour, pardon the pun, of this paper,

A New Look at Coconut Oil
Written by Mary G. Enig, PhD
January 1, 2000
Health and Nutritional Benefits from Coconut Oil: An Important Functional Food for the 21st Century

Presented at the AVOC Lauric Oils Symposium, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, 25 April 1996


Coconut oil has a unique role in the diet as an important physiologically functional food. The health and nutritional benefits that can be derived from consuming coconut oil have been recognized in many parts of the world for centuries. Although the advantage of regular consumption of coconut oil has been underappreciated by the consumer and producer alike for the recent two or three decades, its unique benefits should be compelling for the health minded consumer of today. A review of the diet/heart disease literature relevant to coconut oil clearly indicates that coconut oil is at worst neutral with respect to atherogenicity of fats and oils and, in fact, is likely to be a beneficial oil for prevention and treatment of some heart disease. Additionally, coconut oil provides a source of antimicrobial lipid for individuals with compromised immune systems and is a nonpromoting fat with respect to chemical carcinogenesis.

The long and detailed document ends, thus,

Among the critical foods and nutrition “buzz words” for the 21st Century is the term “functional foods.” Clearly coconut oil fits the designation of a very important functional food.

Last October, Dr. Mary Newport released a book, entitled Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? The Story of Ketones.

Dr. Newport has a Blog which, despite not being added to since December 28th last, still has much interesting information.

Finally, I came across an Organic Coconut Oil Information website that opens up with,

Organic Coconut Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and especially rich (60%+) in important fatty acids, the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).  It has been used by Asian and Pacific populations both as a source of dietary oil and in their traditional medical practices.  Praised for its many and various healing properties, to a Pacific Islander, Coconut Oil is believed to be the cure of all illnesses and is so highly valued they refer to the coconut palm as “The Tree of Life.”  Western modern science has only recently begun to uncover and understand the miracle healing value of the coconut.

Indeed, the website provides links to the health benefits of coconut oil for more than 17 other issues and, without lowering the tone too far, reminds me of an old joke.

Doctor, I’ve come to you about a bladder problem.

Sit down, Mr. Smith and tell me the details.

Well it’s just that I’m passing urine regularly every morning at 7am.

Mr. Smith, at your age that’s commendable having such a regular control, why would you regard that as a problem?

I’m not waking up until 8am!

Now where did I leave that last coconut!!

10 thoughts on “More on healing.

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for such a complete article on this wonderful food.

    I first learned about the benefits of Coconut oil last year from the Taoist Alchemist, whom my son and I met and continue to work with. He’s also a Master Clinical Nurse, and worked for thirty years on the Intensive Care unit for Cardiac patients. He loves Coconut Oil!

    We started using it to cook with, instead of Olive oil, which when heated turns to bad fats (I think). At first, I thought our food would taste like coconut, but it doesn’t.

    I used it mixed with butter last night to stir-fry Chard and Bok Choy. Yum! I’m going to use it more often after reading this post, for sure. I tried to get my son to take a jar with him, and he left it behind. I think I’ll take it to him soon.

    Nature is amazing! I hope you’ll share your notes if you start eating this ‘functional food’ and I hope very much, that you will have positive news to share.

    Wishing you healing and wellness,


    1. Michelle, first an apology at not seeing your comments in the ‘spam’ bin before now.

      What I will do, in connection with my new diet!, is to ask Jeannie to give me the details of what she is now using and share that with you.

      I’m also about to undertake some acupuncture treatment to try and shift odd bouts of vestibular migraine that I’m experiencing. Any experiences or advice? Paul


      1. Thanks Paul, My apologies for not getting back with you sooner. I got your message. I have to work on my blog soon, so that I can comment. Not sure I’m ‘signed in’ with rights at the moment, which is tiring my brain. I’d love to know about your diet. I haven’t been doing what I need to do as far as diet, but am not feeling well, and am having new neurological issues, particularly not being able to spell words. For the past four days, words don’t look familiar. This morning they do, thank goodness, so it could be lack of sleep. I hope so.

        Hope we can chat soon too. I have a lot to do today, and important decisions to make, so it’s an important day to me.

        Acupuncture is great! I can’t believe I’m not getting treatments. I used to get them when we lived in the mountains. Once, I was so out of sorts over my son when he was a teenager, that I was on my way to the hospital for my nerves. My acupuncturist came to get me. It was midnight. She was going to take me to the hospital, but I went to her house first. She treated me with acupuncture for about 2 and 1/2 hours. I left, went home to bed, slept great and for the next several months was quite well. I had ongoing severe stress, so of course, I needed more treatments, and they all amazed me, but that one time really stuck in my memory. I could not believe how the treatment took away so much anguish, and left me so strong emotionally.

        I say go for it when it comes to acupuncture. I usually try to find one who went to a four year school, and who knows Chinese Herbal medicine. Right now, I’d go for a session with a student 😉



      2. Michelle, that’s good advice re the acupuncturist. I have my first appointment locally next Monday so I will have a better sense of the guy’s competence and experience then. Let’s try and connect next week, Paul


  2. Hi Paul, I commented here, I think perhaps it is going to spam again? I’m having a hard time understanding how to have two avatars. I think that is a problem. I hope you got it though. This is one awesome post!

    Of course, wishing you healing, so if you get my other comment, you can delete this, or, I’ll wish you well twice! 🙂



  3. Okay, I think my comments are going to spam b/c of my emails. Please pardon me, but wanted to see if it shows up with my greenhealinggirl address. Can you delete this one? And, I feel like I’m making you work, so I promise this is my last request of you for the evening 😉


    1. Michelle, it’s not a problem in the slightest. Indeed, I love the networking that takes place across the blogosphere (if only there had been a more elegant word than ‘blog’!) Paul


      1. Thanks Paul! I also enjoy the networking. Blogging is surely one of my favorite activities. Oh, and I tried to tell you yesterday, if you think blog sounds bad, what about phlog!? Horrible right? Short for photo blog. I will never use that word to describe my work.

        I hope you have a nice day,


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