Then we were ten, plus chicks!

One doesn’t have to be mad to live here, but it sure helps!

Jean and I had been kicking around the idea of having our own eggs.  To the point where we had made enquiries at our local feed store, Payson Feed.

Chickens for sale!

Then the idea grew to the point where we started building our own chicken coop, then a couple of weeks ago we bought the heat lamp and feeders leading inevitably to yesterday morning when we picked up 5 little chicks.

Choosing the chicks in the store.

We planned to buy four chicks but, of course, came out with five! The five being four golden ‘cross-breds’ and one Buff Orpington  Our plan had been to buy Rhode Island Reds but we were advised that cockerels could sometimes be bought unintentionally as when just a couple of days old, they couldn’t be identified from the hens, whereas the cross-breeds could be properly ‘sexed’.

Welcome to your new home!

So shortly before mid-day yesterday, Jean was gently transferring our latest ‘pets’ into their new home in the guest bedroom, where they will be fed, watered and kept warm for the next 8 weeks or so before being moved to the chicken coop.

Home sweet home!

I have no doubt that before the week is out, Jean will have given them all names!

Very cute, even at two days old!

Why the title to this Post being ‘Then we were ten, plus chicks’?

Only that three weeks ago, I wrote about Casey joining our dogs and bringing the number of dogs to ten.  (Oh, not forgetting the six cats and one fish.)  No doubt, status reports on our young chicks will creep into Learning from Dogs from time to time!

7 thoughts on “Then we were ten, plus chicks!

  1. I just love the photos of the baby chicks (especially that last close-up) but, with apologies to the store owner (and/or photographer), I think the image of Payson Feed is quite possibly one of the most uninteresting photos I have ever seen (possibly only useful for someone trying to locate the store when caught out in a sandstorm or blizzard)… 🙂

    Oh Damn it! …I must go now; as I am late for my next anger management therapy class… (N.B. This is called British humour)… 🙂


  2. Okay, Paul, you both overwhelm me! Such major endeavors you tend to pursue! Please adopt me, I want to learn to do everything you and Jean both do! You’re having way too much fun! Congratulations on the additions!

    Too funny, thank goodness I understand and appreciate British humour! (Although us Yanks spell it humor).


    1. Thanks Merci, do you know what the adoption laws are like in Arizona! 😉 Yes, I’m conscious that the American spelling system has yet to infiltrate my brain and fingers but my argument would be that there are too many non Yank readers for me to change! Spurious argument, I know! Love having you leave a comment on LfD – thank you, Paul


  3. Oh my gosh, Paul, by no means change the spelling of any British words you use, I just love it! Again, I learn something new every day! I sincerely believe our differences is what makes us all so interesting; why can’t the rest of the world understand this…


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