The way the world is – now!

There has been a wealth of information going past my ‘desk’ in the last couple of days that gives plenty of cause to worry.  But I’m going to spend a few days mulling it all over rather than react in some ‘knee-jerk’ fashion.

However, a couple of stories caught my eye a few days ago on the BBC News website and seemed worthy of sharing with you.

The first was,

Mild drought caused Maya collapse in Mexico, Guatemala

Relatively mild drought conditions may have been enough to cause the collapse of the Classic Maya civilisation, which flourished until about AD950 in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Scientists have long thought that severe drought caused its collapse.

But Mexican and British researchers now think that a sustained drop in rainfall of only 25-40% was enough to exhaust seasonal water supplies in the region.

The findings were published in the journal Science.

The research was conducted by the Yucatan Centre for Scientific Research in southern Mexico and the University of Southampton in the UK.

Mayan pyramids of Tikal

Read the full news piece here.

The second piece published by the BBC within 24 hours went as follows,

Drought conditions in England ‘set to widen’

Ongoing dry weather over the spring and summer threatens to place more areas of England in a state of drought, the Environment Agency (EA) has warned.

It singled out parts of western, central and south western England and parts of south east Yorkshire.

The agency said time was running out for rain to restore groundwater levels before the new growing season begins.

Earlier this week the South East joined most of East Anglia in a state of official drought.

In parts of south-east England groundwater levels are lower than in the infamously dry summer of 1976.

Again, read the full article on the BBC website here.

And closer to home?

The historical (30-year average) precipitation for Payson up here in the Rim Country is 2.30 inches for January, and 2.41 inches for February.  Today, February 29th 2012, we have had less than 0.5 inches for the whole of 2012 so far!  Interesting times!

The Granite Dells Wilderness

5 thoughts on “H’mmm

  1. Extremely interesting. However, a bit semantic. I always believed the drought was no more than that, otherwise it would have been felt in other parts of the planet. Minus 40% in rain would devastate the world at this point.

    There is a crucial point related to this: the Maya collapse was conjunction of factors.
    The Maya drought happened in conjunction with booming population (maybe ten million!), plus ecological exhaustion (the main building tree species were exhausted). The giant hydraulic system could not be fixed, all the more since resources got diverted to war making. Finally the Mayan duopoly of the two main city states was disturbed by an ambitious queen from a minor state.

    The result was generalized war of man against man, just when war against natural adverse circumstances ought to have been fully addressed!

    The analogy with today’s situation is obvious. We just have it worse, as we are perturbing the entire planet in several ways, apocalyptically. No escape.


  2. “Modern man” may have been a mistake… Humanism as usually understood certainly has been. Something I have been trying to insinuate on my essay on Political Correctness, and its Apocalyptic origin…

    On a lighter note, nice pictures!


    1. Must make a note to come across and read that essay. But just taken a quick look at your list of Posts and the one you refer to above doesn’t jump off the list at me. Can you forward the URL?


      1. “When Monarchs Think Better” Perhaps not an easy essay. The Apocalyptic (Christian!) origin of Political Correctness. Among other things.


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