6 thoughts on “Get a dog, the Ben Stein way.

  1. Ben Stein also came, very courageously, to the rescue of that underdog, Dominique Strauss Kahn, the sick, short, obese multiple grandfather who has to be hooked to an oxygen machine at night, and stands, implausibly accused to have jumped a towering 6 feet beauty in great shape, 30 years his junior, inside his rooms… Strauss-Kahn true crime? Having changed the course of the IMF.


  2. Ms Diallo is apparently 200 pounds of muscle, and the 25 years charge for having a particular part of the naked Strauss Kahn, who apparently bathe in the nude in his bathroom, having come in contact with an exterior part of Diallo’s face. Why don’t they execute him outright for having assassinated a mosquito when naked?
    Vance also came to the rescue of… Goldman Sachs, last month…


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