Earth, a poem

A lovely comment and a beautiful poem.

On the 28th January, Learning from Dogs posted the second of two articles about Planet Earth.  The first one was here and the second here.  That second piece attracted a lovely comment from Sue of SueDreamwalker.  What follows from this point is all Sue’s work.

A very Good Post Paul.

I thought I might share a Poem of mine about Earth I was inspired to write this in 1995, long before we got the weather we are experiencing today… Appologies for its length..

I agree we need to respect… for we are along longs ways from Space hopping..


Earth gave her body; she gave it us to share
Her breath once sweet now pollutes the air
Her waterways of veins once were crystal clear
Now they hold our garbage lifeless pools and mires

Earth gave her body; she gave it us to share
She gave us animals for pleasure and yes for food
Not to be hunted to extinction penned up and abused
She gave us her Forests for shelter and for fuel
Not for mass developments using greed for cutting tools

Earth gave us her body; she gave it us to share
The soil she gave for harvest of plants that now are rare
For medicine and minerals, silver bronze and gold
Her treasure chests of beauty, we’ve pillaged raped and sold

Earth gave us her body; she gave it us to share
Now her tears are falling, can’t you see her pain?
The bombs that we are testing, fall out, Floods- the Rain.
Wars between each Nation, like stabbings in her back
Earthquakes——- Thunder, Lightning,
She’s Crying with each Crack..

“Enough” she cries “Enough”, as Planet Earth disrupts
Her breaking heart that Bleeds, Volcanoes then Erupts
Her breath now rages Anger, Tornadoes swirl revenge
Beware the Human Race, Planet Earth could still avenge

Earth gave her body she gave it us to share
The beauty is all around us, forever standing there
Let’s not take her for granted, for some day she will rebel
Treat her with some kindness, our fellow man as well.

Earth gave her body, she gives us Life
Let’s stop all our hating, stop the greed and strife
Earth gave us a garden, she gives us love
Love is the only answer, we are told so from above

Earth gave her body, Give her your respect
For she might rebel, turn her back sooner than you’d expect
So help her through her Torment, Heal her wounded sores,
We can start by healing each other around her windy shores
Love her and those upon her, take away her tears,
Her Promise in return,
Rebirth the “ Golden Years!”

By Dreamwalker..

Beautiful words!

5 thoughts on “Earth, a poem

  1. This is very moving and beautiful.

    I’m reminded of a dream I had 13 years ago. In it, I heard Mother Earth. She said she cried for her children when they hurt. She said she cried when her children hurt her too. All I could say to her was that I was sorry, over and over, I said it. Then the sun shined through the clouds. I heard her say she loved all her children, all of them the same and a great love it was!

    I hope, one day, we can make her laugh and be proud.


    1. Thank you dogkisses, Your dream was telling you the right way.. You are doing exactly the right thing.. connecting to Earth right now, and just sending her your love… She is a living organism with consciousness and her vibration is undergoing a change as we all are…When we plough a field and plant the new seeds first the soil needs to be turned over, plus we need to pull up a few weeds along the way so as it doesn’t choke the main crop… This is what needs to happen, and it may seem chaos, but all is in perfect order.


  2. Thank you Paul.. for adding my poem.. as the winds pick up here in the UK and My friends over in Australia are telling me of the forthcoming Cyclone a Force 5.. ready to hit.. My thoughts are with the people out there, and Mother Nature seems to be reflecting back the anger the consciousness of mankind is dishing out as the CHANGES! are erupting and escalating I think..
    it’s time now for us to open up our hearts and let our love for Earth pour forth and let it spill out to embrace our Brothers and Sisters around her shores…. For she has power no man can match..

    Thank you again.. Sue


    1. Sue, my honour. I’m mulling over a series of articles in the coming weeks reflecting on what could easily be the ‘end-game’ for this civilisation if we are not prepared to change our behaviours very, very soon. If only dogs were in charge!


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