Now you see it, now you don’t!

Bermeja (Mexican Gulf) – anyone seen my island?

There’s a wonderful story in last week-end’s The Sunday Times, a British newspaper, written by Matthew Campbell concerning the loss of an important island that has been used previously to define the limits of Mexico’s maritime

Old map with Bermeja
Old map with Bermeja

border (read oil!).  Here’s an extract:

The mystery has come to haunt Mexico as unrelentingly as one of its beloved soap operas: where is Bermeja, an island off the Yucatan coast that appears to have vanished without trace?

The disappearance of Bermeja is no laughing matter – it would allow Mexico to extend its maritime border some 55 miles further north, helping it to fight off what it sees as American encroachment on its claims to potentially vast oil reserves in the Mexican Gulf.

The Mexican authorities are claiming that the naughty old US CIA may have their hands in the mystery of the island, perhaps blowing it up!  If this photo is real then that would have been some bang!

Anyway, it is, at the moment, a real mystery and one that will no doubt have the crime writers wetting their lips.  Come back Ian Fleming, we could do with James Bond on this case!

The Mexican bloggers are giving the story a real push, as this one reveals. The following photo is from that web site.

bermeja 2

Érase una vez una hermosa isla llamada Bermeja,

que fue dinamitada con por unos ecocidas

sedientos de petróleo (Foto archivo)

By Paul Handover

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