My Corgi

This is wonderful!

I have been a subscriber to Ugly Hedgehog, a photographic forum, for a little while.

Recently Vicki posted a couple of photographs of her Corgi. They are fabulous and Vicki was kind enough to give me permission to republish them.

First Vicki in her own words:

The morning light backlit my Corgi, Lexi, as she enjoyed the sunny warmth on the back deck, and the house acted as a very large reflector. No fill flash was needed. The catchlights clearly reflect the windows of the house and may or may not be appealing.

I simplified the background with a layer mask in the second shot.

So this is Lexi!

And this is number two!

A brilliant two photographs!

14 thoughts on “My Corgi

  1. Corgis are really intelligent and playful creatures. I know for a fact that they are Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed of dogs. Afterall, who can resist their cuteness!


    1. They are lovely animals, Jess (is that your name?). Certainly the Queen has had Corgis for as long as I can remember, and that’s a very long time! Thank you for your reply, by the way!


      1. Yes, that is my name! Many people find it confusing that my full name is Jess, and it is not a shorter form of Jessica or Jesse.
        You’re most welcome!


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