Dan and Lexi

Just a reminder of how we treasure our dogs.

I was speaking two days ago to my friend Dan of many, many years, and also my best man when Jeannie and I were married in 2010, and we were talking of our dogs. In the conversation Dan said this:

You know that Lexi and I are always together for practically twenty-four hours a day!

Dan went on to say that Lexi followed him everywhere and that, literally, they were together for ninety-nine percent of their time.

I asked Dan to send me a photograph of the two of them. Here it is!

Beautiful beyond words.

(And call by tomorrow for some special words about close friends.)

8 thoughts on “Dan and Lexi

  1. This is very possible when you are retired, like I am. Or work from home ( like so many more people are doing because of lockdowns). One of my two dogs, my beloved Jack Russell cross, Cairo, follows me everywhere around the house. And if I start to make moves to go shopping, both dogs are on the alert very early, no matter how quietly and cautiously I do it.


    1. Hello Margaret. Dogs are so sensitive to so many moves by us humans. And it is not just movements. For example, when I query with Jean as to whether it is time for the dogs to go out, this is when we are all in the living room, the dogs all sprawled out asleep, as soon as I say: “I wonder if it is time ….”, the dogs all jump up and are ready to go.
      I am not sure what the trigger is? Whether it is the tone of my voice, or the use of the word ‘time’, or what?
      Amazing animals!


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