13 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Seventy-Two

    1. Neither; these were sheep dog trials held in Lincolnshire. From WikiPedia: A sheepdog trial (also herding event, stock dog trial or simply dog trial) — is a competition or test for working abilities of herding breeds dogs. It is a type of dog sport that emerged in the 1860s in New Zealand. By the 1870s regular trials were also being held in Australia and the United Kingdom, and by the end of the 20th century gained popularity in many countries of the world. In competition, dogs demonstrate basic herding management skills assessed by the judge. International and national cynological and sports organisations, sheep and cattle breeders’ societies are involved in organising these events. Usually competitions are held with sheep, sometimes other animals are used: ducks or cows.

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  1. Those photos are great, so full of action! When we had just gotten our mini-Australian Shepherd he was herding me when I was doing work on the lawn. He kept running around behind my feet and I was walking forward. Between us we got the work done.


    1. Yes, they are lovely and all thanks to Alan of Ugly Hedgehog where I first saw them. That’s a neat story about your Australian Shepherd; do you have a photo and a story you could post in this place?

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      1. I have many photos of our mini-Australian Shepherd Rollo. However, other than photos with him biting balls or running around with balls I don’t have any action shots. I am not sure you can upload photos in comments but I could certainly share any photo. Your photos are awesome.


      2. I wish they were my photos but unfortunately they are not. I am dependent on such websites as Unsplash and the generosity of other kind folk.


      3. I think I am going to post some photos of Rollo on my website. I also have to learn how to use those photo websites. It seems like everyone is using them. However, if you visit my website and see photos you like, just go ahead and download/copy them. I certainly don’t mind. You can take the illustrations too but then you have to acknowledge that Naomi Rosenblatt drew them.


      4. Thank you. Just to state that whatever the origins of the photos if they are not my own, and in 99.9% of the cases they are not, I always refer to the copyright holder.

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