And then we were three!

Poor Pedi finally succumbed to his failing liver at 5:30 pm yesterday.

It was also the reason why I didn’t have the stomach to post this for midnight yesterday.

On the 8th July, this year, Pedi was diagnosed with having diabetes and a failing liver. This was a photo taken at the time.

Pedi diagnosed on July 8th, 2022.

Dr Codd, of Lincoln Road Vet, suggested that Pedi might be put down immediately but Jean wouldn’t hear of it. Thus every day, at 06:30 and 18:30 (PDT), Jeannie applied an injection of Insulin; the amount depending on what Pedi had eaten.

Jeannie went beyond anything that I have ever seen before. This morning, the 27th, I was talking to her and Jean said that she had been rescuing dogs since 1980. That’s over 40 years! No wonder that Jean was taking this so very hard.

Now my opinion is that we should get a replacement for Pedi and keep the minimum number of dogs to four. But it is too soon to make that decision and part of the issue is that we are getting reasonably close, probably in the next ten years, to selling up and going into a care home of some sorts. We have seen a couple and we need to do a proper examination of the total market to find the right one.

In the meantime we both grieve for Pedi but Jean much, much more so than me. I shall have my guts kicked out of me when Oliver goes, but that’s for another time.

26 thoughts on “And then we were three!

  1. Sent in to me by email (but I wanted to share it with you all).

    Hi Paul, Want to send my condolences to you and Jean over the loss of your precious and much loved Pedi. Those of us who love our furry family members with every part of us know and share your sadness – and the missing never stops. Thinking of you both, Sharyn

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    1. Tony, you have gone to the heart of the loss of a pet dog. Indeed to the death of any dog or person or any other creature, because death is inevitable. It comes down to one’s emotional links! Thank you!

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  2. It’s a odd thing how we miss a dog more than most people that leave us. My dog was a companion like no person in my life. Saying I’m sorry for your loss to you and Jeannie seems almost not enough. I get how big the hole is.


    1. Yes, Marlene, in some ways that is strange. But us dear humans don’t practice unconditional love in the way that dogs do and I wonder if that is the answer? Nevertheless having your condolence still makes it better than not having it, so thank you very much.

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  3. Sorry to hear about Pedi. He travels to the Rainbow Bridge full of love he has been given by you all over the years. He will be smiling with love and pride at being one of your buddies.


  4. So sorry for the loss of sweet Pedi. Even when we know the inevitable is coming, we’re never prepared. May time bring back happy memories and soothe your grieving heart. Deepest condolences to you and especially for Jeannie.


    1. Thank you, Monika. Jean is struggling much more than I am. But even I find myself wondering where Pedi is. But Jean has the grieving a whole lot more and your thoughts in Jean’s direction are very sweet.

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  5. So, so sorry to hear this. She had a great life, and was cared for by two wonderful people. She would say “Thank you for everything.”

    We have two diabetic cats, both getting insulin every day.


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