Thank goodness for a dog’s sense of smell

Another great story

All dogs have a brilliant sense of smell. That comes from them having many times more scent receptors. As CareCredit write:

Dogs have a strong sense of smell
Scientists guess the dog’s sense of smell is somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours. One of the reasons a dog has such better smelling ability than us is the number of scent receptors. For every scent receptor a human has, a dog has about 50.

So here is a story of a Husky using her sense of smell to good effect!


Dog On Her Morning Walk Discovers A Cooler With Someone Inside

“Koda wouldn’t leave it. She was like, ‘There’s something in there. I want in there! Mom, look!’”

By Lily Feinn

Published on the 8th July, 2021.

When a husky named Koda set out on her morning walk earlier this month, she had no idea she was about to save a life.

Around 5:45 a.m., Koda and her mom were walking on their regular route past the Fearless Kitty Rescue building. Koda usually stops to sniff around the area, but this time something was different.

“She made a beeline to our donation bench,” Teryn Jones, events and marketing coordinator at Fearless Kitty Rescue, told The Dodo. “On our donation bench was a cooler that was zipped up, no holes, and then wrapped up in a garbage bag. Koda wouldn’t leave it. She was like, ‘There’s something in there. I want in there! Mom, look!’”

Koda’s mom was startled by her pup’s excited reaction and unzipped the cooler. A black cat popped her head out and began to gasp for air. Even though it was still early, it was already getting hot outside, and the cat seemed relieved to be free.

Koda’s mom contacted a volunteer at the rescue, who rushed over to welcome the cat inside and out of the sun. 

“She was just shaken up and was kind of in freeze-mode,” Jones said. “And that’s how she’s been since.”

The little black cat, now known as Juliane, has been slowly acclimating to life at the rescue. 

“She’s so sweet and very nervous and shy,” Jones said. “But she loves being pet — she purrs and rolls around on her belly. The resilience of her, in going through, what she went through is really amazing.”

“In the Danish culture, the name Juliane means ‘Fearless,’” Fearless Kitty Rescue wrote on Facebook. “And Fearless she is!”

But Juliane isn’t out of the woods just yet. A vet exam found a large mass on Juliane’s tail, which will require surgery. Once she’s healed and feeling better, Juliane will be ready to start her search for a loving forever home

“She’s very sweet and very clean — so she’s your ideal cat,” Jones said. “She sits and does her own thing, she doesn’t make a mess … She’s just very dainty.”

Thanks to Koda, Juliane has a second chance at a happy life — proving that guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes.


I want to add another small remark that was on the website:

If you are interested in adopting Juliane, you can fill out an application here. To help with her care, you can make a donation to Fearless Kitty Rescue.

There! Maybe someone can help. This post by The Dodo isn’t that old.

All the photographs are by Fearless Kitty Rescue.

8 thoughts on “Thank goodness for a dog’s sense of smell

  1. Lucky cat. Terrible person who left it there.

    To this day I’m haunted by a conversation I had with a street cleaner here in our neighbourhood. A cat had been dumped up in the park, and I was in the process of feeding it when the street cleaner looked in to se what was happening. She said ‘that cat’s lucky it was just dumped.’ She’d recently found a cat (very much alive) tied up and sealed in a plastic bag on the side of the road.

    Unbelievable cruelty.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally agree! Which is why I never want to be in that situation. Jeannie and I have just come back from the tip and we saw a dead deer obviously hit on the main road. Now we don’t know the circumstances but nevertheless driving without due care and attention has to play a part.

        Liked by 2 people

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