Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Three

Make no apologies for publishing some more photos of Pharaoh!

As I mentioned it was the anniversary of his death last Friday.






That will do for now! That last one is really precious.

13 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Three

    1. Thank you, Susan. There would have been more but for some reason the others were not available to be copied even though they were portrayed in earlier posts. I hadn’t got the patience to work out why.

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      1. Colour me intrigued… are you able to provide an example of one of these images that ‘were not available to be copied’ (ie a link to an earlier post featuring one)?


    1. 🙂 I have always loved German Shepherds and he was special. Indeed, as I found when I took him for training he was a beta dog. The alpha is always female and the beta is always male. In the olden days the beta keeps the pack together and breaks up any squabbles.

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