Having great fun!

Just a simple and joyous start to the New Year.

I saw this short video elsewhere and wanted to publish it here.

So I contacted Taylor and asked for permission; hey presto, here it is.

Watch Bruno really enjoying himself. It’s short but still a marvellous video.

What fun!

Pure bliss!

Where would we be without our loving dogs!

11 thoughts on “Having great fun!

  1. Arrived here at last, but definitely not least 🙂,
    Have a wonderful 2021 both of you. A lovely video and brilliant happy photo of you both.
    May you both be blessed with health and happiness, joy, and peace.
    Take care Paul and Jeanie. You are both remarkable people.
    Love and blessings to you both 🤗💓🙏


    1. Thank you, dear Sue. We are just lucky people who met each other in 2007 and had the fortune to find this remarkable home in Southern Oregon in 2012. Plus our gorgeous dogs, that is a tangible gift from Jeannie with her unconditional love for all dogs. Just very lucky people!


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