This is just amazing!

A YouTube from 2002.

It’s just six-and-a-half minutes long. Please watch it!

Then ponder on how these dogs were trained up to such a high standard!

Here’s the introduction to the video.

Hooked On Swing

World renowned dog trainer Mary Ray performs her “Hooked on Swing” routine at Crufts in 2002 with a couple of dancing dogs, Quincy and Kizzy as her dance partners. Since some of the tunes are Glenn Miller songs Mary is dressed in an authentic uniform from the World War Two era. A great performance that both Dance Fans and Dog Lovers should find entertaining.


16 thoughts on “This is just amazing!

  1. Beautiful and happy dogs, Paul 😀
    Those dogs are a kind of shepherd dogs and they love to work. It is sad to have these dogs just for being dogs without working with them.
    She had worked hard to come so far with them, beautiful.


    1. No question, Irene, that these dogs totally loved their work. But I’m not sure about being sad when they are not worked. So long as they with a family that love them back they will be alright. But lovely to have your response, of course!

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      1. I don’t mean, that they need to have a job, Paul. But that they need activity in their lives, as they are very intelligent and active dogs. They thrive with doing something, no matter it is with shepherd work, dance, agility or other activities.


      2. Often I don’t understand correctly, when people tell me something first time Paul, so take it easy. I didn’t explain myself so well either.


  2. I’ve been watching a few dog and cat videos today which always leave me smiling. Then this one popped up. You know there is a strong bond for the dog to get all those moves so perfect. That was fun to watch. Not much a dog can’t do. Thanks for sharing this.


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