Mitts died yesterday morning

We are now down to a single cat.

Mitts died overnight, sometime on the night of the 8th/9th October.

She died of old age peacefully and quietly.

Mitts enjoying the sunshine in September, 2015.

And another photograph of Mitts taken in my office, again in September, 2015.

The cats have adopted my office as their new home.

Later on today (the 9th) I will bury her in the garden.

30 thoughts on “Mitts died yesterday morning

    1. Thank you, John. According to Jeannie Mitts was a kitten found on the streets of San Carlos, Mx. Ben, Jean’s previous husband, was not yet ill and Mitts was more like 17 years old so Mitts did have a long and happy life. Ben died in July, 2005. I met Jean in San Carlos in December, 2007 and went out to be with her, together with Pharaoh, in October, 2008. How the years pass by.

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    1. Yes, very much so. Mitts was an old cat, ready to die and died peacefully. She had a lovely life, mixed it with all the dogs in the evening when we watched TV in that room, and passed away in peace.

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  1. Sorry for your lose. Losing our pets is so painful. You are so aware of the hole they leave in your life and your heart. I hope the happy memories you have of Mitts eventually overcome the sorrow.


  2. Dear friends, so very sorry for the loss of your dear girl.. and very grateful that she was able to pass peacefully in her sleep… what a great blessing this is. Thank you for being her kind and loving guardians to give her a lovely life. Much love to you.


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