A bit of a heads-up

A vacation is coming up!

Now it’s still two weeks away but on the 23rd September we are going away until the 8th October.

We are driving to Utah specifically to see the slot canyons in Capital Reef National Park, and elsewhere.

The story behind this was quite a few months ago I was reading on Ugly Hedgehog about these canyons and said to Jeannie that we really should try and go there before we get too old.

As it happened, Jana could babysit the house and dogs, cats and horses on the dates that I mentioned earlier on.

We are taking just one dog with us. We will take Brandy because he adores being taken for a drive and he has the habit of going for a walkabout when at home and we thought it wasn’t fair on Jana.

So it’s all uncertain as to what I shall do with the blog. Whether I will have time to use old posts, or leave it alone completely, or from time to time go online and leave a brief post.

Things may become clearer nearer the time.

But it seemed like a good idea to give your a heads-up!

Stunning isn’t the half of it!

18 thoughts on “A bit of a heads-up

      1. I am! Unfortunately when I was there, my arm was in a sling so I couldn’t enjoy hiking. My plan is to go back & take full advantage of the place!


    1. Irene, it is in large part a photographic trip. We’re taking my Nikon D750 with us and I have every intention to take a great deal of photos and the best will be surely published in this place.

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    1. I’ve just read that post. It’s terrific and very informative and it will be an honor to republish. Colette, yes, I’m going to do just that. Have a series of posts, both of dogs and not, that I shall schedule for the period we are away. Thank you for the link.


      1. It’s not my blog, but yes, it is a great piece from Bryony. She is studying for her Masters degree in animal behaviour studies. I think her work is a great addition. 😊


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