Dog in the road!

An incident yesterday serves as an introduction to today’s post.

I went biking yesterday morning.

I decided to go down Azalea Drive to the end and return the same way; a total of 19.5 miles.

Now about 2 miles into my return I came across a dog playing in the road. Azalea Drive is a pretty busy road and as I approached the dog I had to wave down cars. Soon I was up to it and I noticed it wasn’t wearing a collar but it looked well-fed. It was incredibly friendly and came instantly up to me and allowed me to caress it around its head and ears. It was a black Labrador.

Now not wanting to leave it and the two gates alongside where I was, on the same right-hand side of the road, being padlocked shut I decided to walk a good half-mile down an opposite drive to find someone. I was pushing the bike in my righthand and the dog was walking very happily by my left leg. Eventually I got to the house and rang the bell. Pat and Earl came to the door; it wasn’t their dog as evidenced by the barking of their own dogs. Pat suggested trying the next house South. I left my bike there and Pat gave me a leash to walk the dog with.

So the dog and I walked back down the drive and up the next driveway South. I knocked on the front door.  Several people came to the door. It wasn’t their dog either but a young man kindly offered to take the dog and return it to the property where it lived across the road. Apparently it wasn’t the first time that this had happened; the owners worked all day and the dog had found a gap in the fence.

So I left the beautiful Lab with the young man, thanked him profusely and walked the three-quarters of a mile back to fetch my bike. Thinking that some people didn’t deserve such a beautiful dog!

Now to my post for the day, courtesy of The Dodo.


Dog Left Tied To Tree Gave The Biggest Smile To Rescuers

PUBLISHED ON 07/31/2019
Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrick Harden

As a group of road workers were collecting trash along a highway in Dutchess County, New York, they suddenly heard barking. They were basically in the middle of nowhere, and couldn’t imagine why a dog would be wandering around there. Still, they knew they had to investigate, and so they followed the barking — and found a dog tied to a tree, deep in the woods away from the highway.

The workers were shocked to find the poor dog tied to the tree, away from where anyone could have spotted him, and he was just as shocked — and overjoyed — to see them too.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrick Harden

“He was very happy and excited to see anyone,” Lynne Meloccaro, executive director of the Dutchess County SPCA, told The Dodo. “He had been there for quite a while in 100-plus [degree] weather. He’s clearly got a strong will to live.”

After the New York State Police were contacted, the very excited dog was taken in by the Dutchess County SPCA, who decided to name him Pesci. The staffers there were dumbfounded by how anyone could have abandoned such a happy, upbeat dog. Even after everything he’d been through, he was so thrilled to meet all of his new friends, and didn’t seem to be scared of people one bit.

Photo Credit: Lynne Meloccaro

“He is a very sweet soul,” Meloccaro said. “He’s happiest when he’s with people — he loves to play and get cuddles.”

Besides being dehydrated, Pesci was surprisingly healthy. He’s now thriving in the care of all his new rescue friends, and simply can’t get enough of all the love and attention he suddenly has. The police are now actively investigating how he came to be abandoned, so they can hold whoever did it responsible.

“That he was so far off the road suggests that whoever put him there did not intend for him to be found easily,” Meloccaro said.

Photo Credit: Lynne Meloccaro

Luckily, Pesci is safe now and is already so loved, and the shelter has a feeling he won’t have to wait long before he’s adopted into the best forever home.

“He will be ready for adoption very soon, and given the public interest in this case, I think he will find his forever home in a shorter amount of time than he spent tied to that tree,” Meloccaro said.


The contrast between the dog I found, or rather the owners, and Dutchess County SPCA is stark!

As I said some people have no right to a loving dog.

20 thoughts on “Dog in the road!

  1. As you say Paul, there are too many irresponsible dog owners around.
    It’s a worry for all dog lovers when they come across dogs wandering and don’t know whether they are lost or just live on an adjacent property. My dogs are unlikely to get out of my property. But just in case, I have discs on their collars with my full address and cell phone number. Most people carry cell phones these days so dog owners should make it super easy for any person coming across their dog to contact them.


    1. So do we, Margaret, despite it being almost impossible for one of our dogs to get outside the property.

      But in general the level of poor care of dogs is a significant problem.


  2. I agree with you so much, Paul.

    I would prefer, if all new owners needed to take a course and get a diploma as a prove, they know what it means to take a dog in to their family. No matter the size of the dog. The same should happen with new cat owners.
    Many people don’t think much about, how many years in the future, they will be bound by their animal. They just see a cute little puppy or kitten and oh, I want, I want. Very sad.


  3. I actually returned a lost dog to its owner two months ago. He was elated. Of course, you did the right thing, Paul. Why those people didn’t fix the problem with their gate is beyond my comprehension. I also don’t understand why you would abandon your dog in the woods. That infuriates me.


    1. Not only prevent their dog from getting out through the fence but also not bothering to give their dog a collar. We went back by car soon after and spoke to the guy who took the dog back. He had to return the dog five times and in the end had to secure the dog in its kennel. The couple who own the dog both work all day and for my life we wonder why they have a dog!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can work & take care of a dog. When I lived in Phoenix I used to routinely work long days. I would come home on my hour break, walk my dog, eat & return back to work.


  4. Well done, Paul. You’re a good man. So, so, so many people wouldn’t have done what you did.

    Regarding the Dodo story, I’m astonished at how many “tied to a tree and abandoned” stories they have. It’s sickening.


      1. A few years ago a dog was in our street with a leash on. Of course, I thought he’d just run off during a walk, so I grabbed him and started, naturally, looking for the owner. I had no doubt they’d be in a nearby street. I searched and searched and searched. No owner. Took him home, and then searched some more. Nothing. Put up Lost Dog posters. Nothing. Eventually we had to come to the realisation that he was dumped just like that, with the leash. Found him a great home, though.


      2. Well, in turn, you are a good man, John! Seriously, the stories of lost or ‘misplaced’ dogs is endless only mitigated by the numbers of people who love the animals and do their best for them.

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  5. Lovely post.
    Recently, I was walking the towpath, setting locks for our boat to travel through, when a little Yorkshire Terrier appeared from nowhere. She was so friendly (unusual) and after a brief fuss, stuck with me as I prepared the lock. Nobody appeared and I was concerned for her safety. I remembered passing a boat about 3/4 mile back (the direction the dog had come from). So as the Yorkie was happy to follow me, I started walking back. She was happy until the boat appeared, but I kept encouraging her. Then the man appeared in the bow, and he called her. It was wet and raining and the Yorkie was bedraggled with muddy feet by this time. The man called her, and thanked me for bringing her back… That it would be OK now. The Yorkie’s ears went down and her tail dropped. The man yelled again as I turned to go, but the Yorkie followed me. I turned again, petted her and encouraged her to come with me as I walked her right up to the boat. A woman appeared and thanked me profusely as the little dog fled to her quickly avoiding the large man. I felt that the little dog was frightened of him. What a sad life for her.
    Some people should not have pets (not ever).


    1. And what a lovely reply. A story of a Yorkie on your travels. Actually more than a story about a dog. A story about a way of life for a woman and a dog. How very sad! Thank you, Colette!


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