Being a lover of dogs shows no constraints!

Try a pharmacist from Turkey!

I love this recent story from the Daily Dodo.

It concerns a Turkish pharmacist who is also a dog lover.

Look, here’s the story:


Pharmacist Sees Stray Dog At The Door And Realizes She’s Asking For Help”

“She was saying, ‘I trust you.'”

20 thoughts on “Being a lover of dogs shows no constraints!

  1. Good on her, and happy 10Th!

    It’s sort of like that in out little pocket. If the dogs stick around, around the shops/church, then they can do quite fine here. Our Brother was leader of a pack that lived happily around there for about 4 years before we took him in for his retirement. There’s little traffic, parks galor, restaurants feed them, people feed them, we all pitch in for med care if/when needed. Right now, there’s a gorgeous black dog who lives at the barbers shop. He even has a dog house!


  2. What a nice story. And what a lovely lady! And those gorgeous dogs! That last one is especially appealing. 💚At least they look well fed, which is great.


  3. What a beautiful lady/dog story!! And you know 10 is 70 in dog years…congratulations!!💜🐾


    1. Yes, we all hate the fact that there is a number of dogs who for various reasons are unloved, homeless and generally unwanted. And in our experience there’s nothing untoward about these dogs whatsoever.

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