Picture Parade Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight

More from Margaret K.

But from a different source.

Once again, I feel as though I should include the introduction:

My name is Kristýna Kvapilová and I’m a dog photographer, traveler and frisbee player from the Czech Republic. I’m 21 years old and I’m the proud owner of a Canon 5D Mark IV.

When I leave my computer-based job, you can often see me somewhere on the road, traveling and exploring the world with my beautiful 7-year-old Australian Shepherd Charlie, who is my personal teacher and also the best and the most faithful model I’ve ever had! He’s a so-called professional dog model who can do many tricks, for example, lick on command.

He truly changed my entire life… I’m a photographer only thanks to him and I’m incredibly glad for that. He’s always been so patient with me and I learned a lot because of him.

In photography, I focus primarily on pets and my goal is to make the photos look somehow more special than basic photos taken in the garden. I want to bring aesthetic elements, memories or a message that can help me to communicate with the outside world. I like to capture the true nature of dogs in my portraits, their personalities.

But what I like more and more is a combination of traveling, dogs, and photography. It’s not only about the photography but also about the experience of an adventure: sleeping in a tent, getting our paws dirty and just walking in the breathtaking nature.









17 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight

  1. Love Kristyna’s work. I am founder of a animal welfare non profit, https://GreenPetsAmerica.org. Our focus was death row rescue. It is now education. We write create and publish animal welfare books. Our current books are Project Black Dog Adoption, Art of the Black Dog, and Rescue Renew Rehome. Our next art book will be “AUSSIES”. I have an aussie rescue, Jackson, and we want to celebrate their intelligence and work ethic. I would love to feature some of Kristyna’s beautiful Aussie work in the book. Could you please have her contact us at Steve@GreenPetsAmericaCharities.org. FYI our books are all on Amazon books. All royalties go to animal rescue.


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