We live in the country!

Yesterday was all about a dead deer.

In fact it started on Thursday with a local owner not taking care of a couple of dogs. I’m not sure about whether or not the dogs are being cared for but there have been a number of cases suggesting that they were thin and also that they were running wild.

Then yesterday it took a turn for the worse shortly after 7am. I was on my way back to the house having fed the horses and then heard an animal calling out. I paused trying to identify this animal. It was located very close to our border on the Northern side.

Then the noise stopped and I thought nothing more of it. Later on I realised that it was animal in serious pain. Too late now to attempt to save it.

A little later I went across to the area where the calling had been coming from. There, just alongside our fence but on the other side of it, lay a young deer. It was dead but still warm.

Then about 10:30 yesterday when after I had called animal control I decided to revisit the location and take a couple of pictures.


It was tragic! The loss of a wild animal. In fairness, one that the dogs themselves are not responsible for. Dogs will be dogs.

Meantime, I pondered on what might have evolved differently had I intervened when I first heard the animal in pain.

It was not a good feeling.

10 thoughts on “We live in the country!

  1. These types of stories are sad on all fronts. From the owners not seeing that their dogs are adequately taken care of to the poor, unfortunate deer that became a food source. I have lived in several rural areas in my lifetime and you have got to take care of domestic animals or tragedy is sure to happen.


  2. So distressing for you Paul. And for that poor poor deer. Unfortunately animals that are attacked for food don’t always die immediately. ( Suffering like this in nature is the principle reason why I cannot believe in a kind and loving creator god – why weren’t all animals made vegetarian? ). Do you own a firearm Paul?
    I guess the merciful thing is to put severely injured wild animals out of their pain as quickly as possible. It’s the only reason why I’d want a firearm, especially a pistol – but the latter is impossible to obtain in Australia.


    1. As you know, Margaret, we take great care of all the animals that live out here. So it felt like I had personally let the poor creature down. Re your question about owning a firearm, well the answer is no! Nothing deep and meaningful in that, just would have no need of one.


  3. I fully understand your pain. As much as many of us would love to save every animal from pain, we can’t. Education for those that need it, law enforcement for those that should have it and understanding for the balance of nature to help us all survive.


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