Picture Parade Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight

The last of dear Su’s photos.








So, so beautiful! Especially loved the photo of the chimp bottle feeding the tiger.

How about your favourite?

P.S. Later on yesterday, at 13 minutes past 4pm to be precise, we had rain. Thus ended 111 days without rain.

Then shortly after we had eaten supper and I was washing the dishes, I looked up to see the most beautiful rainbow over the hills to the East of us.

This photo doesn’t do it justice!

12 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight

  1. Exquisite photo of a rainbow. What is it about photos of tiny baby animals that makes them so precious. They are so cute but I was especially fond of the otter mom showing off her baby telling the world “see how beautiful my baby is”. All babies are so adorable.


  2. The photos are all too sweet for words. Loved everyone but still am the biggest fan of mom otter showing off her baby. Great rainbow. We had a slight ground dampening last week but no measurable rain so far, They put it in the forecast then take it our. There is a chance Friday and more chances next week. I’m keeping my fingers crosses. Going to get the outside ready today and tomorrow, I hope. The list grows longer. Love your rainbow. I saw stars this morning!!! I rarely get to see stars. Now I’m going to look at baby animals again before heading out to run my errands. Thanks.


    1. Don’t talk about rain or no rain. Totally understand that! We wake up each morning and take today’s weather as it is. Doesn’t help that our nearest weather station, only 12 miles away, is almost in another universe!

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