A new dawn


Three photos taken early last Tuesday morning from our rear deck at home; the deck faces East and Mount Sexton is to the left in the last photo.

NB: While the images recorded by the camera have been cropped no other changes, such as amending the highlights or brightness, have been made.

Taken at 05:55 PDT on the 31st July, 2018


Taken at 05:56 PDT on the 31st July, 2018


Taken at 05:56 PDT on the 31st July, 2018. That is the summit of nearby Mount Sexton on the LHS.

16 thoughts on “A new dawn

    1. Well these particular photos were taken of the dawn with little perceived smoke in the air. But I can’t imagine that the atmosphere was completely free of smoke as we have tens of thousands of acres of forest burning. Certainly, Susan, many days have been choked with smoke in the sky!


  1. Wonderful photos Paul. How hot has it been there this summer? Many places in the Northern Hemisphere seem to be experiencing much hotter than normal summers this year. I do hope that this is not the “new normal” for our planet.
    Meanwhile, here in Tasmania, my two dogs, and I are currently lying on the couch near our solid fuel heater, enjoying its warmth and glow, as I spend (way too much) time tapping away on my beloved iPad. Both cats are on the adjacent chair – on my husband!


    1. Margaret, while the report from our local Grants Pass weather station for July, 2018, doesn’t scream out with broken records, the weather can be very localized thanks to the geology of where we live. Here’s that report: https://www.grantspassweather.com/wxhistory.php

      But Hugo Road, where we live, lies within a canyon with ridge lines either side that are about 500 feet above the floor of that canyon. So for us living 3 miles along Hugo Rd. (it’s 5 miles long in total) the last 10 days have seen peak daytime temperatures above 90 deg. F. (92.2 deg. C.) every single day.

      I fear this is the new world order!


  2. Beautiful skies Paul, our skies are changing, even here above my own home the sunsets like never before.. Much more than meets the eye when we turn our attention to sky watching..
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful images Paul.
    Much love to you and Jean, Stay well. ❤


    1. No question, Sue, the skies both day and night are full of information. Thank you for your loving wishes. At this end we are just taking it day by day waiting for the fires to be quieter and the smoke in the air to have gone. Fondest love returned, Sue!

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