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I regret the need to refine my approach to accepting guest posts!

On May 18th, I published a guest post that had been sent to me by Susan Combs. Her article was called: Four Essential Tips to Make Your Dog Healthy and Active Round the Year.

What you won’t know is that there was a fair degree of re-writing required by me, primarily to correct grammatical errors. Something that I had not noticed in Susan’s previous submissions.

In addition, Susan had included links back to websites, one of which was a commercial site that sold Pet Meds and Supplies.

I overlooked including the links because of the time I had spent in getting the article ready for publication. Subsequently, I was ‘instructed’ to edit the post and include the links. I chose not to do so simply because I took the view that this is my blog and I will never accept a guest post on condition that it is an ‘advertisement’ for a supplier. Now sometimes that boundary is blurred but if the guest author wants to include a link and it is not a condition of acceptance then that’s fine.

Susan has now insisted that her guest article is removed from the blog, something that I have done, and my guess is that there will be no further guest articles from her.

But it has prompted me to refine the wording under my Get Involved link on the home page. It presently reads:

Want to submit a Post? – just email us the content directly to Clearly, we reserve the right to edit your contribution or, perhaps, decide that the content is not appropriate to our Vision.

It has now been modified to read:

Want to submit a Post?– just email us the content directly to learningfromdogs@gmail.comClearly, we reserve the right to edit your contribution or, perhaps, decide that the content is not appropriate to our Vision. Please note that guest articles that link to a commercial supplier are likely not to be accepted. Simply because I do not wish to be seen to be favouring a particular supplier about whom I have no personal knowledge.

Let me remind one and all that this blog works very hard to observe and support The Vision. That, in part, proposes:

Our children require a world that understands the importance of faith, integrity and honesty

Learning from Dogs will  serve as a reminder of the values of life and the power of unconditional love – as so many, many dogs prove each and every day

Best wishes to all.

25 thoughts on “Living and Learning

  1. Such a pity that the inconsiderate attitude of the author has led to the need to lose a good article from your site 😦 I wonder why Susan was so adamant that these links should be included? Seems rather odd, to my mind, anyway.


  2. Hi Paul – I lose interest fast in any Blogs/Posts that incorporate a marketing angle. The rationale is very simple. If there is marketing, then there is potential revenue. If there is potential revenue, then I have to question the validity of the Blog/Post content.
    There are so many people Blogging now, that it is not difficult to find Posts that are educational/informative and can be taken as legitimate expressions of the authors. There will always be examples of mis-information, just as there will always be different perspectives, but at least the author’s integrity need not be questioned. Just some thoughts! 🙂


  3. You made the right decision Paul. Guest blogs are just that… Invited in to provide a perspective. Tying it in to advertising is really only a ploy to sell stuff… like infomercials, they are biased and have the capacity to mislead the reader. 👏


  4. Paul, thank you for standing your ground! I’d do the same! It’s unfortunate that some guest posters disagree with you. It’s their loss. Integrity wins! 💐Christine


      1. I agree. Wouldn’t Susan respond right away if she wanted to declare her intentions. It sounded pretty clear that she wanted the advertising done. Too bad!


  5. There’s a difference between commercial gain and a driving need for recognition, compared with heartfelt expression and love.
    Good choice Paul. 💕
    Wishing Susan the best in finding her true path.
    Sending you love and encouragement for continuing on the right path towards understanding, connection, compassion and love.


  6. I think your decisions was the correct one.. And if the links were that important then perhaps there was an ulterior motive for her writing the quest post. .. As for Grammar Paul.. You can correct mine any time and most probably do.. LOL.. I often write as I speak.. haha..
    Never mind… These things happen.. But we have to stick to our principles/Vision. 😀
    Sending you and Jean love and Hugs over the airwaves.. ❤


  7. See what I mean.. Guest Post not Quest post.. hehe.. let your fingers do the walking while the brain does the talking.. lol. Wish the two would meet in the Middle.. 🙂


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