Beware of antifreeze

A very timely reminder!

The other day we went to buy more hay and feed from our local supplier The Red Barn on Upper River Road in Grants Pass.

Tyler, the owner, was distraught having just returned from urgently running his dog in to see Dr. Russ at local Lincoln Road Vet Clinic. The reason being that his dog had eaten some rat poison that he had put out on one of the upper floors of the barn.

Later I was discussing this with our good friend, Jim Goodbrod, also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), and Jim said that so long as the dog is caught quickly and taken to a vet it is unlikely that it would leave the dog with any permanent harm.

However, Jim then went on to say that especially at this time of the year the thing that vets see far too often is dogs who have drunk antifreeze that car owners put into their radiators ahead of the winter season.

Jim stressed that dogs very rarely are unharmed after having contact with antifreeze. Even a teaspoonful was sufficient to kill a cat and cause severe kidney damage in dogs!

So it was essential to spread the word.

No better done than by offering you this video. Watch it! Especially through to the end where Dr. Barker offers clear advice as to what to do if you suspect antifreeze poisoning of your dog or cat.

Published on Nov 23, 2014

If this prevents even a single dog or cat from being poisoned by antifreeze then that’s a win!
So spread the word!

11 thoughts on “Beware of antifreeze

    1. Jim added that being aware of such things as a leaky radiator pipe or being careful about the type of winter windscreen wash one used was all part of keeping our pets safe.


      1. One of my cats when he was a youngish kitten not quite one, went missing for several days,, We asked everyone to check their garages etc… three days later he came home really poorly smelling of White Spirit… Paint stripper.. We rushed him to the vets where he underwent first a bath then was on a drip for several days.. It had affected his kidneys and it was touch and go for a while.. But he pulled through.. But his fur never fully recovered, he would get patches of eczema and would often fall pray to kidney infections… So I know how important this message about any fluids that could be harmful to pets, kept out of their way.. I think my cat had got locked in some where and spilled the liquid over his fur… But cats absorb into their systems through their skin.. So Your warnings need to be heeded.. xx


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