Now not so far ahead!

The imminent joys of installing new flooring!

In my post of last Wednesday, as in the 2nd, I gave everybody a ‘heads up’ to the fact that I expected to be offline for a few days:

A while ago we replaced the carpet in our main living-room with oak flooring and now we are replacing just about all the rest of the carpet in our house with laminate boarding that is a very good match with the oak flooring.

One of the rooms that is affected is my office and although the installers will only be working for the three days of the 16th to the 18th August, the rooms will need to be emptied out of all furniture a few days before the 16th.

Ergo, I expect to be ‘off air’ for about a week. Probably from Sunday, 13th August through to Sunday, 20th August.

During those days I won’t be able to respond to your replies to posts. But I will put up posts for each of those days well ahead of the 13th.

The installers telephoned us on Monday asking if we would like them to do the flooring this coming weekend; the 12th and 13th.

After Jean and I had had a quick discussion we decided to say ‘Yes”!

I am unsure whether I will lose internet connectivity or not but either way from now until next Monday or Tuesday ‘normal’ service will not be maintained.

As promised, those fabulous photographs of the Belgian Shepherd and the Owlet coming to you for the next few days!

16 thoughts on “Now not so far ahead!

  1. Good luck, Paul. I heard that contractors in your state are famous for showing up when the spirit moves them. Hopefully, you won’t experience that phenomenon. We will keep the home fires burning.


  2. Hope it all goes to plan and you are delighted with the results.
    I shall not post any comments until you are back in ‘the driving seat.’ Hope the weather is warm and dry…so much better for a major refurb! 😋


      1. Well if we are, it has not reached our part of Britain yet Paul.. after two days and nights of solid rain.. The Sun is out today, but cool when the clouds are overhead.. 🙂


      2. I was being too smart for my own good. It was my way of saying that the next four days are posts that share more of those ‘heartwarming’ pictures with you.

        (And, to state the obvious, I am temporarily back on line with my desk and PC now sitting in our living room.)

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  3. I’ve been seeing that great dog/owl photo around these days. So precious. As for flooring, best of luck! Always challenging with beasts around. Here people ‘do’ tile. A lot. But it’s cold, and if something drops on it, it’s broken. We still prefer wood. 😉


    1. Ideally we would have gone for more of the solid oak flooring that we had installed in our living room shortly after we moved in. But it would have ended up being ‘megabucks’ and the wood laminate seemed like a good compromise. Our insect guests have two more nights to enjoy things!! 😉 The installers arrive on Saturday.

      We must stop having these exciting conversations! 😉

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