Picture Parade Two Hundred and Six

Forgive the indulgence today.

In last week’s Picture Parade it was mentioned that at some point I would share some of the sights of home.

Well today, all the photographs were taken here at home (that being Merlin, Southern Oregon). The motivation behind these photographs was learning the operation of a new camera that I recently treated myself with. That is turning out to be quite a task; the user manual is 510 pages long!

But in no particular order, here are a few pictures.

Brandy staying cool on the kitchen floor!


Looking out to the East from the deck adjoining the house.


Photo taken at 06:10 on the morning of the 25th July. That is Mount Sexton on the horizon and the view is towards the North-East, again taken from our deck. (I was playing with the exposure control on the camera.)


Looking from the end of the deck towards the South down to where our stables are. Photo taken at 06:20 on the 28th shortly after I had put out feed for the deer that come most mornings.


Taken at 06:10 on the 25th. This shows ‘Doris’ (the second) who has been sleeping under the trees overnight.


Zoomed in a little closer to Doris and she looked up at me exactly when I took the photograph!


Morning sky. Unusual to have cloudy skies at this time of the year. 06:20 on the 26th July.


Our beautiful, gorgeous stag. He has been a regular visitor for the last two years. Taken at 06:10 on the 25th.


Morning sky, with exposure adjustment, taken at 06:00 on the 25th July.

Can’t close without publicly thanking the wonderful photographic forum Ugly Hedgehog. With over 75,000 users it really is a superb place for all those interested in photography. The forum was invaluable in helping me decide what camera to purchase and, just as importantly, where to purchase it from.

Have a great week, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Six

    1. Yes, it really is a wonderful place to live. Lots of work and don’t want to think about what happens when it becomes too much to handle but that doesn’t take away one jot the pleasure of the place. Early steps with the camera!

      1. Well if you can cope with dogs (and of course you can!!) and you need a base from which to explore this neck of the woods you know where to come!!

  1. Beautiful photos Paul ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are living in an amazing place. Your manual for your camera sounds like a huge job to go through, maybe for a rainy day or two.

    1. Thank you! Not sure what you mean by “quickly”!! It seems to be one of those times in life where the more that one learns the more that one realises you don’t know!

      1. No, wasn’t familiar with it. I typically Google specific questions, or visit my favorite brand website forums. I poked around, it looked interesting but didn’t sign up.

      2. In my case, I had such a specific set of questions that it made sense to sign up. Really pleased I did for the ongoing advice and support is wonderful.

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