Puppy Love!

Friday the 13th!

We are on course for a warm, sunny day. We were starting to wonder what they felt like!

But there’s never any question what the love of a dog feels like!

1070310989-222362-puppy_love_quotes___I am now going to follow this image up with a video made in England by Sophie Hannah Richardson recording her experience of welcoming to her home a new puppy.

Enjoy (and please read my footnote!).

Say hello to Luna the french bulldog everyone! How cute is she?!

We’ve had our little Luna just over a month now and we absolutely adore her. She’s playful, loving and very sociable! And she’s slowly learning to love the camera!

Follow Luna’s adventure right here: https://www.instagram.com/luna_thefrenchbulldog/


Footnote: In the last couple of days the number of good people who are following this blog has gone over 2,000. I am truly lost for words and will just leave it like this: Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

TIMOTHY BULLARD/Daily CourierPaul Handover with Pharaoh, a 12year-old German Shepard that he uses on the cover of his new book about man's best friend.
TIMOTHY BULLARD/Daily Courier Paul Handover with Pharaoh, a 12year-old German Shepard that he uses on the cover of his new book about man’s best friend.

18 thoughts on “Puppy Love!

  1. Glad to hear the days are warmer, Paul! Luna is ultra adorable. We were looking for a Frenchie when my husband became smitten with Maggie. Great choice! I love that picture of you & Pharaoh. Congratulations on 2k followers. I know there will be more!


    1. Yes, dearest Pharaoh. He is such a loving, gentle dog in his old age. We know he really suffers now with his failing rear hip joints but there’s never a hint from him of not wanting to be a full member of the family. Thank you.

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      1. are you sung the hemp” It’ made a huge difference for my 13 year old Puppy. He could not get up from his bed and I had to lift him. He is now up and about but I give the hemp daily. You should try different strains of hemp to which one is best for your old dog. Have you tried laser treatment and acupuncture as well?


      2. You should increase the dosage. Also see if you can obtain the strain called Harle Tzu (soo). I have researched quite a bit about various strains. High is chlorophyll and antioxidants. Good for inflammation and thus for arthritis. I’ve read it is better than lots of strains of hemp..

        I’m feeding two old dogs cooked carrots, green beans, coconut oil and a bit of crushed B vitamin and a tad of vitamin C. Mixed with Purina one and cooked 5 minute oats. I add the hemp that I order from Internet but have upped the hemp dose. I don’t have access to laser or acupuncture here in this town of about 120,000. Vets here are not very progressive, to say the least.


  2. So pleased you had a Sunny day.. and thank you for that share of Puppy Love.. 🙂 sending warm thoughts your way to you and Jean as I endeavour to catch up a little.. 🙂


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