Of certainties

The immovable markers in one’s life.

My father's 21st birthday- June 15th, 1922
My father’s 21st birthday- June 15th, 1922

Today, sixty years ago, my father died.

Yes, December 20th., 1956. Just five days before Christmas Day.

I had turned 12 on November 8th that year and my dear sister, Elizabeth, was then 7-years-old.

Ten years ago this very day, in other words on the fiftieth anniversary of my father’s death, something happened to me when I was living in the small South Devon village of Harberton; just three miles from Totnes. That ‘something’ started a chain of events that led to me meeting Jeannie in Mexico and us becoming married in Arizona on November 20th, 2010.

Upper Barn, Harberton
Upper Barn, Harberton: My home until early 2007.

I accept that this is of little interest to you, dear reader, but I wanted to put the following ‘out there’.

December 20th will always be a poignant day, until I take my last breath.

But it will also be the most precious day in the year for, again, until I take my last breath December 20th. will always mark the start of my journey to meeting Jean.

Loving Jean and being loved so much in return is as much an immovable marker in my life as was my father’s death.

Life can offer so many twists and turns!

13 thoughts on “Of certainties

  1. I am sorry about your father, Paul. It is always tough losing a parent. You are absolutely correct when you stated his death started your life journey. Sometimes drastic change elicits new beginnings. A very poignant piece of writing.


  2. Thanks Paul for these reflections. Your Dad was such a handsome young man! And died relatively young, in his mid 50’s. It must have been hard for you, your sister and for your late Mum. I think you may have previously alluded to what happened on that day in 2006. Life is strange. Sometimes the chain of events can mean that unfortunate happenings can end up resulting in very satisfactory and positive outcomes. I am so glad that you and Jean found each other.


  3. My father was 55 for he was born in 1901. Yes, I held back on the details of what happened in December, 2006 but your recall is clearly exceptional! Thank you.


  4. Dear Paul, Life indeed holds many twists and turns, and although this date holds such a poignant memory of your father’s passing I am pleased to learn you have turned it also into a positive memory..

    That is such a young and impressionable age to lose ones Father for you and your sister. And I can see how at such a Happy time of year as a child it would hold much sorrow also..

    Thank you Paul for your recent well wishes.. I wanted to pop in and say how much I have missed being here on WP.. But hope to get back into the swing of blog land again shortly..

    I want to send both you and Jean our love and Blessings this Christmas time. and wish you both a wonderful Christmas and most Happy and Healthy New Year..
    Sending love and Blessings 🙂


    1. To which I would add that you have missed by Jean and me! This funny old world of blog land, as you put it, that offers up so many wonderful connections; very precious connections. Jean adds her love and best wishes to mine for you and your family.

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      1. Oh thank you so much both of you.. Yes I agree.. This world of Blog is one big family and to be honest Paul, both you and Jean I class as family.. 🙂 Sending Huge Hugs to you both for a wonderful WONDERFUL Christmas.. xxx ❤


  5. Life DOES offer us many twists and turns to get through! So interesting that this particular day has such paradoxical markers to it for you. Gives instant perspective: joy follows grief follows joy again. The nature of existence here on earth. What an amazing journey!


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