The poetry of love.

Happy Birthday to my darling Jeannie.

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can’t deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.

Million Stars over Ayers Rock (Uluru)
Million Stars over Ayers Rock (Uluru)

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25 thoughts on “The poetry of love.

      1. Likewise you and Jean are like family.. Its a wonderful community of friends I have here on WP.. Can not explain how warm your well wishes with Jeans makes me feel.. I will be a little quieter for a while Paul.. A post I have yet to publish will explain a little.. xx I so appreciate our friendship via this media.. Blessings Sue 🙂


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNIE!! Your Paul certainly does love you. Although I’m married, I’ve never had that sort of love in my life – but I guess the great love of dogs, of which I’ve had plenty, is nearly as good….
    What a glorious photo of the night sky at Uluru in central Australia. I haven’t ever been there but it certainly inspires me to go and see it for myself.


    1. No person, Marg, can show the kind of unconditional love that dogs offer us! Jeannie was very taken by your birthday wishes and thanks you.

      Back in 1969 when I was working out in Australia traveling across the continent I visited Ayre’s Rock. Spent a week there; indeed climbed to the summit. It was, and still is undoubtedly, a very sacred place for the Aboriginies and one could easily sense why. This huge, and I mean huge, monolith surrounded by hundreds of square miles of treeless desert is special in every way.


  2. A very special Happy Birthday to you Jeanne!!You are indeed special to all who know you! Blessings in abundance are coming your way! Love , Mary Anne

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    1. MaryAnne,

      Jeannie is on the phone just now and I haven’t yet read out your birthday greetings to her. That will happen in the next ten minutes and I know, for sure, that she will just love hearing from you. Big hugs from all of us here in Oregon. Fondest love, Jean and Paul xxxx


    1. On behalf of Jean, who is busy feeding our dogs just now, thank you for your birthday wishes. Jean will see your lovely message before the end of the afternoon.


  3. Happy Birthday to you Jeannie, made all the more special by that beautiful poem from your lovely husband. You two are so special together – I feel it even though I haven’t met either of you. I know you will have a wonderful day whatever you do.
    Paul, that is a gorgeous photo of the stars over Uluru – one place that is on my bucket list to visit in the not too distant future. I want to feel the sacredness of the place just as you did when you were here; it is very special.


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