Kindness in our animals.

A wonderful follow-on to yesterday’s post.

A number of domestic circumstances are taking priority at the moment so you will forgive me for the brevity of my words today. But that won’t stop you enjoying this recent item over on the Care2 site.


Rescued Horse Befriends Dog

1389721-largeThis rescued horse made an instant friend in his new family’s dog!


Short but just wonderful!

19 thoughts on “Kindness in our animals.

      1. Yes, thank you, Brian is making progress, we’re all well and happy 🙂 Sending love and slobbery kisses your way 🙂


  1. It Is wonderful and sweet. Our dogs befriended a Red Angus bull (replete with horns!) through the (barbed wire) fence separating us from our neighbor’s back field a few (not many) years ago. This guy was so sweet, his owner had to give him away – couldn’t eat him. My daughter called him Boolcow (as in bull cow). He would lick our fingers and nuzzle the dogs, putting up with them licking his smooth hard shiny nose as he’d reach for them with his long pointy tongue. Fun times 😉


  2. This made my heart sing Paul, so beautiful to see the interaction between these two and the obvious enjoyment of playing together.


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