Dusk to Dawn Commitment!

The love that exists between so many humans and so many dogs!

Yesterday, after I had returned from my morning bike ride with our local group of friends, Brandy was incredibly pleased to see me. To the extent that he crouched down, his head and front legs on the hardwood floor, his rear hips still up in the air, so to speak (Jean said that this posture is called a play bow), and everything about him signaling that he wanted to play with me.

I could not resist adopting a similar physical position and then we both rolled onto our backs with our heads locked together ‘cheek to cheek’ in the most exquisite and intimate bond between dog and human.

Such gorgeous events produce a loyalty and affection from me (and, I suspect, from Brandy too) that would mean that there would be no limit within me if I had to protect and save Brandy from harm.

Countless numbers of you dear readers will know precisely what I feel and how I expressed it.

Thus the example of others showing not the slightest hesitation in rescuing a dog trapped underground both makes sense and makes us feel so proud. Here it is reproduced from a recent Care2 posting.


Firefighters Dig Until Dawn to Rescue Underground Dog


By: Laura S. August 14, 2016 About Laura
Could it be that when you name a dog “Tiger” you can expect him to be especially territorial? Well, perhaps that’s why this dog in Gulfport, Miss., decided to race down the street in pursuit of a neighborhood cat. Only problem is, there’s something just as dangerous as quicksand in the concrete “jungle” and it swallowed poor Tiger just as quickly.


Tiger fell deep into a concrete culvert pipe near the intersection of Mississippi Avenue and Tyler Street around 9 p.m. one evening, and it wasn’t until residents exhausted their own resources that they decided to call for help at around 3 a.m. the next morning.


Gulfport Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Henderson, along with seven other firefighters and a pair of workers from the public works department, began working together to extricate the dog.


It was a tedious rescue because the pipe was far too narrow for any rescue worker to fit through, so the team had to cut their way through the pipe.


“We counted the joints in the pipe to estimate the distance, then walked off the distance on the top above the ground,” Henderson told the local ABC News affiliate.


The firefighters dug down and then drilled holes to locate Tiger before bringing in a concrete saw to cut through the pipe and reach him.


By 7 a.m. Tiger was pulled to safety and reunited with his guardian who planned to take him to the veterinarian as a precautionary measure although the dog appeared unharmed.


(All the photographs are Credit: Chris Henderson of Gulfport Fire Department / Facebook)


Nothing further to add from me!

25 thoughts on “Dusk to Dawn Commitment!

  1. It is nice to see, that there still are loving souls, who really care for animals 🙂
    In many countries people don’t see animals with love, as we do. Very sad, I see it here in Spain too.


      1. Very little and the economic crisis isn’t helping. When people can’t afford to feed their animals, they throw them out, so they can find a new home by themselves. So huge lack of respect and responsibility for the animals. It breaks my heart, when I meet those animals in search for a new home. I’m not able to take more animals in my house, but I wish, that people would be more educated.


  2. I couldn’t ignore any animal in distress, be it someone’s pet or a wild animal. I would have to help in any way I could. Our thanks go to those people for sticking with this unfortunate boy and getting him out safely.


  3. Wonderful to see and read about the pits rescue. Hoooray for the firefighters that worked so hard to get him out. He is a lucky dog.

    And your dog Brandy is a lucky dog as well. Wish you had a pic of you and Brandy in the play bow. I bet that was a happy thing to see.


    1. It was certainly a very happy thing to experience and a photograph of the playing would have been magical. Both Brandy and Jean and I are lucky. I’ve lost my heart to Brandy’s love and companionship. That’s in a personal world here that isn’t short of love and companionship!

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