Pharaoh’s weekend!

Pharaoh was thirteen years old yesterday.

Yes, Pharaoh was born on June 3rd., 2003 in Devon, South-West England close to where I was living at that time.

I deliberately didn’t mention it yesterday as I wanted to devote both days this weekend in celebration of this wonderful doggy friend.

Pharaoh being held by Sandra Tucker, the breeder. Date around late Summer in 2003.
Pharaoh being held by Sandra Tucker, of Jutone, the breeder. Date around late Summer in 2003.

So rather than write reams about this wonderful relationship that I have had with Pharaoh all I am going to do both today and tomorrow is to share with you a few memories of these fantastic years.

As a young dog Pharaoh was up for anything new. This picture of him on the Dart Valley Steam Railway in South Devon.
Plane dog
Never could bring myself to take off with Pharaoh in the back of this old Piper Super Cub (Reg: R-151) but he enjoyed no end of taxying around the grass airfield in Devon. Picture taken in July, 2006.
Pharaoh digging on a Devon beach in January, 2008 days after I had returned from Mexico and meeting Jean for the first time.
That incredible, intense face of his! Photograph taken in Devon before Pharaoh and I travelled out to Mexico.
Pharaoh now settled in to life in San Carlos, Mexico. Picture taken in March, 2009.
Pharaoh now settled in to life in San Carlos, Mexico. Picture taken in March, 2009.
Fast forward to all of us living up at 5,000 ft in Payson, Arizona, some 80 miles North-East of Phoenix. Photo taken the last day of the year in 2010.
Enjoying the warm grass in July, 2012 just a few weeks before we discovered our present home in Southern Oregon.

Hope you can return tomorrow for my usual Picture Parade as it will be exclusively more photographs of Pharoah.

23 thoughts on “Pharaoh’s weekend!

  1. What we share with our dogs, is why they worship us like Gods. It’s a pity they don’t live as long as humans do. I love Pharaoh. Happy 13th birthday to him. Loads of love. 😘😘😘


    1. Dear Asha, thank you so much for your birthday wishes to Pharaoh. I agree with you that their lives are far too short but at least Pharaoh’s memory will be sustained courtesy of the blog and the book. I will pass on a hug from you to him! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’d be great. Given I miss Alfey so much these days (my 5 year old Ret) who’s away presently, a hug from Pharaoh would be immense pleasure.:)


  2. Paul, a very handsome Pharaoh! I think of me kid hood Shepard, Ginny so often. She lived 17 years! I had a dream the other night that she was still alive, but very old! Memories are forever! πŸ’› Elizabeth


    1. 17 years! Wow! I would adore it if ‘His Nibs’ lived to that age. But his rear hips are not too solid. Just take it a month at a time. Lovely to hear from you.


  3. That intense look he has on his face really draws me to him. Happy Birthday Pharaoh!
    I’m looking forward to more memories tomorrow, he is such a handsome boy.


  4. Pharaoh is such a lucky dog and you are a lucky man to have picked him to be your pet. I’m wishing him many more birthdays. He is still a very handsome dog. His face and eyes seem to speak volumes of devotion to you.


  5. I’ve just been reading about the beginning of your relationship with Pharoah in your wonderful book ‘Learning from Dogs’. It must be wonderful having such a friend. May you both share many more happy years!


    1. Mr P, thank you. For both your generous thoughts and for mentioning the book. In fact, putting into words just what sharing one’s life with a dog really means is not easy. It is a relationship that on one hand is simple, as in pure, yet on the other hand very complex. We like to think we understand what goes behind those canine eyes but, in truth, we are far from knowing anything more than a fraction of these amazing animals. Just a personal view.

      Once again, thank you your lovely reply.

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